JK Rowling won't be prosecuted after police look into complaints about social media post

JK Rowling

The police have stated that JK Rowling's statements on the new hate crime laws are not considered to be illegal. They have also confirmed that no additional measures will be taken.

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The writer of the Harry Potter books openly challenged the police to take her into custody via social media due to the new law that was implemented in Scotland this week.

The fresh actions focus on addressing the damage caused by animosity and bias. They broaden safeguards against offensive conduct geared towards individuals based on various factors such as age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.

People who are in favor of the recently passed laws believe that it will increase tolerance in Scotland. However, individuals like Rowling who oppose the laws are of the view that it may hinder free speech and may not offer the same level of protection to women.

The administration of Scotland has announced that they will introduce dedicated legislation to address the issue of misogyny.

The person who has been a resident of Scotland for 27 years has openly expressed disapproval towards the Scottish administration's position regarding transgender rights. This includes their most recent bill on recognizing gender, which was halted by the ruling government of Westminster.

After the police's announcement, Rowling took to Twitter and expressed her hopes for women in Scotland. She stated that every woman who wants to speak up for the significance and authenticity of biological sex should feel assured. Rowling further added that she believes every woman should be treated fairly regardless of their profile or wealth.

Previously, Rowling expressed her opinion on social media about a particular issue. During this time, she was not in the same country. Additionally, she mentioned that if what she had written went against the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act, which was recently implemented, she wouldn't mind being arrested for it when she returns to Scotland, the place where the Scottish Enlightenment took place.

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Rowling expressed negative opinions against transgender women in her blog post. She specifically mentioned Isla Bryson, who was convicted of two counts of rape and was sentenced to imprisonment for eight years in 2019.

The blog was written as a response to statements made by Siobhan Brown MSP, a minister at the Holyrood, who suggested that individuals might be subject to investigation for using incorrect gender pronouns when referring to someone online.

Rowling stated that the fresh enactment has the potential to be exploited by people who advocate suppressing individuals like us who are expressing our concerns about the risks of eradicating spaces designated for women and girls only.

The individual who is 58 years old stated that it is not feasible to precisely explain or handle the truth about physical aggression and sexual abuse that women and girls go through. It is also not possible to face the present attack on the rights of women and girls, except if we are permitted to use the term "man" to describe an individual who performs such an act.

Further details can be found on Sky News: The Prime Minister supports the idea that JK Rowling ought not to be taken into police custody.

The legislation has been supported by First Minister Humza Yousaf, who stated that there has been an increase in a negative attitude towards individuals based on their protected characteristics in the past few years.

He expressed his strong admiration towards the hate crime bill, stating that it will "safeguard individuals from being subjected to hatred, without compromising their right to freely express themselves".

The newly implemented act also includes offenses that are similar to the ones related to stirring up racial hatred, which have been in place since the 1980s. The enforcement of these offenses will be conducted in a reasonable manner, as per the speaker's statement.

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