Lets Stop Kidding Ourselves Celtic Won’t Need At Least One Centre Back In The Summer.


Yesterday, many fan sites and fans I'm familiar with were quite relieved upon receiving news about Stephen Welsh's fitness status.

Last season, he wasn't even considered for the third choice position and now we are relieved that he is fit. It seems that our starting centre backs may include Liam Scales in the future. To be honest, this thought is quite frightening.

This is not arrogance. Players from Ireland and Scotland have shown great potential in the past and can do so again in the future. However, do you believe that either country has produced a centre back of Champions League standard?

We have repeated the same old mistake with these individuals and it is painfully clear that we are stuck in our ways. We have settled for two people who meet our local requirements and we appear to be satisfied with maintaining the status quo.

It's not just about acquiring superior players for our starting team, we also need superior substitutes. Even though they are decent guys and hardworking professionals who can hold their own in domestic games, we cannot risk putting them in the starting lineup for European matches next season. It may sound tough, but we all understand that it's the reality.

At some point, the individuals in control of this organization must begin to face reality.

We're facing a big task this summer as we need to rebuild our team. The recruitment team didn't do a good job and we have many positions that need to be filled. We need a new goalkeeper, a left back, a strong midfielder, a striker, and maybe even a center back. It's going to be a challenging task for us.

The task is larger than originally anticipated, and there are numerous elements that have been carried over from previous projects along with many unfinished tasks that are disappointing.

This means that the team can retain its current players without having to worry about finding replacements for those who decide to leave. As a result, the team could potentially have players like O'Riley and Abada in their lineup, and even a surprise player. However, the recruitment team has not been successful in signing quality players for positions that are desperately needed. They must improve their efforts significantly.

I don't have any issue with them and they have put forth their best effort this year.

Liam Scales could potentially receive player of the year recognition from the team, but this may be due to the lack of additional standout players this season aside from Matt O'Riley. It's not a matter of personal preference, but rather a desire for greater talent on the team, which is a common aspect of football and applies to all clubs in the sport.

In my opinion, once the manager settles in and has the opportunity to recruit his own players, it is unlikely that he will choose either of these guys to join the team. However, there is no guarantee that he will be able to bring in new players.

Ultimately, the key factor will be the number of defenders our team can have available for selection (as well as the state of their physical condition). However, Brendan must firmly reject any idea that we can rely solely on these two players simply because they have shown proficiency in the Scottish Premiership.

Here's how groups can become mired down.

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