Carnival Cruise Ship Dry Docking Update: New Photos

Carnival Cruise Ship Dry Docking Update: New Photos

Check out the new photos of Carnival Pride's refurbishment. The ship is being refreshed and revitalized from top to bottom. Want to see what's happening during the month-long dry dock? Take a peek behind the scenes!

Fresh Photos Of Carnival Pride

On April 28, 2023, Carnival Pride went into dry dock at Navantia Shipyard in Cadiz, Spain. It will stay there for a month-long refurbishment. The ship will be worked on from the front to the back.

The ship is getting some cool new additions. There will be a new bar called the Heroes Tribute Bar & Lounge. And a new store called the Carnival Adventures Shop. There will also be a new photo studio called Dreams Photo Studio. But that is not all! Other things are happening too while the ship is not in use.

The photos show ship upgrades and cleaning. The half-glass funnel sparkles with clean windows. Metal around the funnel is bright with new paint colors.

Fresh Coat Of Paint For Our Livery

The ship's exterior is getting a fresh coat of paint. They're adding a new red-white-and-blue design to the hull. This was first seen on Mardi Gras and is now being added to all the ships during maintenance.

Repainting a hull is not just about appearance. It's important for the hull's strength by preventing corrosion and the growth of organisms like algae and barnacles which can harm the marine environment and reduce fuel efficiency.

Team members are working inside the ship. They're installing new flooring, cleaning it thoroughly, and adding decorative details where needed.

They're taking out the lower-level of Beauties nightclub on the ship. They're putting some new staterooms there instead. There will be a fully-accessible cabin. The upper level of the nightclub is staying the same.

David's is getting a makeover and will soon be called Fahrenheit 555. This is happening on other Fun Ships too.

The ship, Carnival Pride, is undergoing upgrades. The upgrades include electrical and technical adjustments. These upgrades will help the ship function better. They will also improve the ship's safety. Once these upgrades are complete, the ship will be ready to set sail again.

"Preparing To Come Back"

The Carnival Pride will start sailing again on May 28, 2023. The first trip will be 12 nights long. It starts in Barcelona and ends in Dover. The ship is getting updated, and people can see the changes on the way. The ship will stop at places in Spain, Portugal, France, and Belgium.

The ship is back and will sail from Dover, UK. It will do 9- and 12-night trips to Norway, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Finland, and Denmark. Which location depends on the schedule. It's happening in the summer.

Carnival Pride is hosting cruises from Rome in September and October. You can explore the Italian coast and Greek Isles. They offer a limited number of longer cruises. After that, the ship will go to the US. A 15-night repositioning sailing from Rome to Tampa departs Italy on October 28, 2023.

The Carnival Pride will stay in Tampa until April 2024. It will sail to the Western Caribbean and Panama Canal. After that, it will go to Baltimore and sail to Bermuda, The Bahamas, and the Eastern Caribbean.

The Carnival Pride ship has been around since 2002. It has had lots of changes in its 21 years. In 2015, it got a big upgrade. This included new places to eat and play like Guy's Burger Joint and WaterWorks.

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