Despite Opposing Reports, Disney Executives Say Bob Iger Will Sell to Apple


Certain top officials continue to hold the belief that Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, desires to offload the Walt Disney Company to Apple. Nonetheless, there are ample contrary accounts that refute this assertion.

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Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, has made an exciting announcement about a significant collaboration with tech giant Apple.

The choices and deeds carried out by the Walt Disney Company ever since Bob Iger regained control from the previous Disney CEO Bob Chapek have been quite intriguing, to put it mildly. Up till now, Iger's leadership has involved significant job cuts, conflicts with the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, reorganization of their streaming services, and a surprising venture into the world of gambling.

It goes without saying that many individuals have become more and more disapproving of Bob Iger's comeback, particularly following his remarks about the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. Nonetheless, discussions have primarily revolved around recent reports suggesting that, despite facing significant financial losses as a result of Spectrum and ESPN, the Disney CEO has expressed an inclination to sell the company to Apple.

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Bob Iger's Apple Acquisition Ambitions, Per Disney Insiders

According to a CNBC report addressing the challenges faced by the Walt Disney Company in the transition of leadership from Bob Chapek to Bob Iger, the article highlights that numerous present and previous Disney executives, speaking confidentially, have expressed their belief that Iger's ultimate goal is to prolong his position as CEO before eventually selling Disney to Apple.

This might appear to be a crazy notion initially, but it's not completely impossible. Iger has already expressed a desire to separate the traditional cable networks and ABC from the Walt Disney Company, and he has already let go of 7,000 workers. He could be getting ready to put Disney up for sale.

Next, we come to his connection with Apple. Iger has maintained a strong bond with the tech giant, primarily due to his personal friendship with founder Steve Jobs. Nonetheless, although these facts seem logical on the surface, there exist additional arguments persuading the present Disney CEO against selling the renowned House of Mouse.

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It's Just Not Possible

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Despite ongoing reports suggesting that Disney CEO Bob Iger is considering selling the company to Apple, it is highly unlikely to occur. There are numerous factors that strongly support this notion.

To start off, Apple hardly ever acquires renowned companies, and Disney stands as the largest brand amongst them. Moreover, Apple lacks expertise in areas such as amusement parks, cable TV, and the specific consumer goods that Disney prioritizes. Although Apple's values align with the family-oriented image, there is no logical justification for merging with Disney. Apple primarily operates in the tech realm, while Disney doesn't place significant emphasis on the technology that Apple finds appealing.

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Next, let's consider the lawful aspect of the matter. The acquisition of Fox, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and numerous other entities by Disney was highly publicized. As a result, the Walt Disney Company is facing allegations of exercising significant control over the media industry. Should Disney collaborate with Apple, these accusations would only strengthen, likely prompting government intervention.

Ultimately, there is a single individual who strongly opposes the idea of Disney being sold to Apple, and that person is none other than Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney. In a recent conference call discussing the company's financial results, Iger was asked by a shareholder about the likelihood of such a takeover. Instead of delving into conjecture, Iger chose not to entertain the question.

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"I refuse to make assumptions about the possibility of Disney being purchased by any business, regardless of whether they fall under the technology industry or not," stated Iger. "Naturally, anyone interested in discussing such matters would have to take into account the worldwide regulations in place. I won't add anything further. It's not a subject we excessively focus on."

This not only demonstrates that Iger is aware of the potential legal consequences of such an action, but the statement also reveals his lack of desire to completely sell off Disney. Thus, for now, it seems that the Walt Disney Company will need to be content with maintaining its status as the biggest media corporation globally.

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