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Looking to quickly grab Bob Iger's undivided focus? Give it a shot by inquiring whether Apple plans to acquire Disney.

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The CEO of Disney is more likely to reveal the plans for Apple Vision Pro before he indulges in this never-ending tale that analysts persistently attempt to promote.

Following his return from retirement to once again take charge at Disney, Iger deemed it important to communicate to the staff that Apple did not intend to acquire Disney in November of last year.

It appears that Bob's assumptions were correct.

Apple has remained mum about their intentions or objectives with regards to the acquisition of Disney, as they typically refrain from divulging details about their occasional purchases of smaller tech companies.

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Hold on, wasn't there an acquisition immediately following WWDC in June? Was it Disney, perhaps? Oh, wait, it was actually a company specializing in military AR headsets, right? I remember now.

However, the experts continue to claim that Apple is acquiring Disney, while Apple consistently refrains from doing so. What's the deal?

The latest futile utilization of everyone's time happened on Wednesday during Disney's quarterly financial update with analysts.

During the conference call, Bob Iger skillfully avoided any mention of Apple's acquisition of Disney. It appeared that Michael Morris from Guggenheim Partners had reached his limit. Right before the call ended, he directly asked Bob the question.

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"Continuing our discussion on the potential choices for Disney, a recent article brought up an interesting idea - the possibility of the entire company being acquired by a bigger tech corporation," Morris mentioned. "Therefore, Bob, let me ask you directly, can you envision a realistic situation where the entire company might be sold?"

As per usual, Bob managed to slip in an additional seven questions amidst the one question each exchange, prior to his response.

"I, Michael, will not make any assumptions or conjecture about the possibility of Disney being purchased by any corporation, regardless of whether it is a technology company or not," Iger affirmed. "Clearly, anyone who wishes to discuss and conjecture on these matters must take into account the worldwide regulatory conditions. I will refrain from further comments. It is simply not a matter that consumes our thoughts."

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So, that's the scoop. Apple plans to acquire Disney once the worldwide regulatory conditions become more relaxed. This is directly from Bob's statement. Well, at least that's what the imaginative analysts might perceive.

Seriously, it seems to be never-ending.

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