Wayne Lineker was feared dead by onlookers after being knocked out in the street in horror punch

Wayne Lineker

People were afraid that Wayne Lineker had died following an alleged assault in Ibiza. The proprietor of a nightclub was rendered unconscious by a stranger when he was out on the Spanish island. Reports suggest that he was attempting to protect a female friend when the altercation occurred.

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A man named Wayne, who is 62 years old and happens to be the older sibling of former football player Gary Lineker, was caught in a heated exchange with a few men. These men seemed to have been bothering his female companion. The altercation occurred in the wee hours of the morning, specifically on Wednesday, June 12th, right outside of Eden Bar in San Antonio.

The father of four lost consciousness after a heated encounter with one of the men and was hit so hard that he was unable to stay awake for about five minutes before eventually waking up.

According to reports, Wayne Lineker was potentially rendered unconscious while in Ibiza -Attribution: Instagram/waynelineker

The event made onlookers worry that Wayne had passed away on the sidewalk. A person who saw it happen talked to The Sun and described it as "awful" to witness. The culprits fled the scene after assaulting Wayne.

The teenage pupil, who is 18 years old, relayed to the media: "It was terrible - there was a moment where he seemed lifeless. Wayne simply collapsed to the ground, and the male and his companions fled. He was unconscious and barely responsive when he eventually regained consciousness. I remained by his side to offer assistance, but the authorities arrived briefly, didn't really take any action, and departed hastily."

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It is not known if Wayne has talked publicly about the event. Nevertheless, he resurfaced on social media last June 12 to greet his son Freddie, who just turned 20, a joyful birthday via a delightful video.

After being punched, Wayne was believed to be dead - Attributed to Wayne Lineker's Instagram account.

Wayne posted a video of his son Freddie when he was a kid playing with a hoola hoop. The caption said: "Congratulations on your 20th birthday, my amazing and talented boy who is a popular DJ. Keep up the great work. Many wonderful opportunities are on the horizon for you and you achieved all of it without my assistance! You told me, 'Dad, I will do this myself. I appreciate your desire to help, but I am capable of handling it on my own.' I feel immensely proud of you for saying that, and I love you."

The male offspring of Wayne are Freddie, Duane, and Sean, while his female offspring is Tia. In 1988, he started a nightclub chain in Spain which is currently thriving. His nightclub empire features Lineker's Bar sports bars in different locations around Spain, such as Tenerife, Marbella, Benidorm, and Ibiza.

In 2012, he established the incredibly well-known O Beach Club in San Antonio. Its wild pool parties and frequent appearances by famous influencers and footballers have made it famous.

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