Wayne Lineker was feared dead by onlookers after being knocked out in the street in horror punch

Wayne Lineker

There were concerns about the safety of Wayne Lineker when news circulated that he was possibly injured in Ibiza. According to reports, the owner of a nightclub was hit by an unfamiliar person who left him unconscious while he was enjoying his night in the Spanish island. Wayne was said to be trying to protect a female friend during the altercation.

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In the wee hours of Wednesday, June 12th, Wayne (who is 62 years old) was spotted having a disagreement with a crowd of men that were bothering his female friend. This occurred outside of a spot called Eden Bar in San Antonio and Wayne is the elder sibling of former footballer Gary Lineker.

One of the men had a hostile exchange with the father who has four children. He was hit and became unconscious. It took him approximately five minutes to come round.

According to reports, Wayne Lineker was apparently rendered unconscious while in Ibiza -Source:Instagram/waynelineker

After the incident occurred, people who were around were afraid that Wayne had passed away on the sidewalk. A person who saw what happened spoke to The Sun and stated that it was a very unpleasant experience to witness. The attackers fled the scene after assaulting Wayne.

The teenager, who is 18 years old, shared with the media: "It was a terrible experience - at one moment, it seemed like Wayne had stopped breathing. He collapsed to the ground, and the group of men quickly dispersed. Wayne was out cold and unresponsive. When he finally regained consciousness, he was barely able to speak. I remained by his side to provide assistance, and the authorities arrived, albeit briefly - they didn't do anything significant and left soon after."

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Wayne hasn't addressed the event openly. Yet, he decided to make a return to social media on Wednesday, June 12th, to greet his son Freddie on his 20th birthday in a humorous clip.

According to the Instagram post by waynelineker, Wayne was believed to have died following a severe blow.

Wayne wrote a post to celebrate his son's 20th birthday. He uploaded a video of Freddie when he was a kid and was happily playing with a hoola hoop. Wayne expressed his pride in his son for being a successful DJ and for accomplishing it by himself. He mentioned that his son had told him that he wanted to handle everything on his own and was appreciative of his dad's support. Wayne concluded by saying that he loves his son and wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.

Wayne has four children - Freddie, Duane, Sean, and Tia - and he established a successful empire of nightclubs in Spain back in 1988. The empire comprises four distinct sports bars under the brand "Lineker's Bar," namely - Tenerife, Marbella, Benidorm, and Ibiza.

In 2012, he established the renowned O Beach Club situated in San Antonio. This club is well-known for its extravagant pool bashes and frequent visits from famous personalities such as social media influencers and soccer players.

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