Virgil Van Dijk slams England v Netherlands referee after ‘dreams shattered’

Virgil van Dijk

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Virgil van Dijk has criticized referee Felix Zwayer after the Netherlands experienced a devastating defeat to England in the semi-finals of Euro 2024.

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Photo The Independent

In the first half of the game, the Three Lions were given a penalty that sparked disagreement. Gary Neville called the decision "disgraceful" during the halftime analysis.

Van Dijk was frustrated at the end of the game when Ollie Watkins scored a last-minute goal. Zwayer was missing once the game was over.

"During the entire tournament, we've witnessed various aspects of our team," Van Dijk expressed to Be In Sports. "There have been positive moments in terms of both attack and defense, but also some negatives, like in the match against Austria. Today's game was a strong performance for many reasons, both with and without possession, it was a high-energy match."

They made some positive memories, and we did too. It's hard to come to terms with losing in the final moments, especially in a crucial knockout match that crushed our hopes.

I am at a loss for words. I am unsure if I should comment on this. I mentioned it to the Dutch media, and the fact that the referee quickly left the field after the game speaks volumes. He didn't even have time to shake hands.

The match is finished and we were defeated, which is disappointing. There were times when it seemed like we should have won, but it didn't happen that way. Regardless of the result, it's tough to accept. We had high hopes and believed we could succeed in this game.

I'm not sure why they keep altering certain aspects that could be significant. It would be helpful if they could clarify specific points when approaching us, as we should also reflect on our own actions instead of critiquing others.

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