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Virgil van Dijk

New post on 10th July 2024 at 11:13 PM Greenwich Mean Time.

Van Dijk Upset After Netherlands' Euro 2024 Loss To England

Koeman expressed his disappointment as the Netherlands were eliminated due to a spectacular goal.

Gareth Southgate's team received a disputed penalty after Harry Kane collided with Denzel Dumfries.

The referees on the field ignored the complaints at first, but VAR stepped in and requested Felix Zwayer to review the footage on the monitor.

He changed his mind afterward, allowing Kane to score an important goal that completely changed the game's outcome.

Van Dijk was confused and at a loss for words, expressing his thoughts on BeIN Sports: "I'm not sure what to say. I'm unsure if I should comment on this."

The fact that the referee quickly entered the scene after the game speaks volumes. I didn't even have a chance to greet him.

"However, we have to accept the reality. The game is over. We were defeated. It's hard to accept."

Sometimes, there were clear instances where things should have turned out in our favor. Unfortunately, they didn't. It's always difficult.

I'm at a loss for words. Coming to terms with this is challenging. I'm overwhelmed with feelings. This past year has been incredibly long and difficult.

We had high hopes and believed we could reach our goal together. Regrettably, things didn't go as planned.

The captain was asked if officials should be required to clarify their decision-making.

"I'm not sure," he kept talking. "They're constantly making alterations. These small adjustments could make a big difference. But maybe it's a positive that they might be responsible for their actions."

Allow them to come and address you, and provide explanations in certain situations, just as we must explain ourselves when we make mistakes. I believe that could be beneficial.

"I shouldn't gossip about others. Instead, we need to focus on ourselves and face the reality that we are no longer in the competition."

The Dutch team looked set to play against Spain in Munich on Sunday after Xavi Simons scored an early goal to give them a 1-0 lead.

Their spirits were crushed not just by Kane's goal, but also Ollie Watkins' late, dramatic winner.

Southgate faces a massive challenge as he prepares to take on the top team in Euro 2024 with one less day to get ready.

Van Dijk stated: "I believe that during the entire tournament, we have displayed many different aspects of our team.

Positive aspects of our offensive performance have been evident in some matches, while our defensive form has also shown improvement. However, we encountered difficulties against Austria, highlighting some weaknesses in our gameplay.

Today's game was enjoyable for various reasons, both on and off the ball.

The match was very competitive. They had some strong plays, but we also had our fair share of successes.

"Allowing a goal in the final minute is always tough to come to terms with, especially in a crucial knockout semi-final match that crushes our dreams in the closing seconds."

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