Usher dazzles fans with quick changes in Super Bowl halftime show performance


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Usher effortlessly pulled off a memorable wardrobe change while performing at the halftime show of the Super Bowl.

The R&B vocalist took the stage at Allegiant Stadium wearing an ensemble consisting solely of white, a furry cloak, and several layers. As he sang on 11 February in Las Vegas, he progressively discarded various items of clothing.

After his previous performance, Usher took a short pause as HER picked up the guitar. He made a comeback with a dazzling all-blue attire that was adorned with glitter of the same hue. To complete the outfit, the singer wore roller skates that gave him the freedom to skate around the stage while singing some other songs.

A lot of supporters resorted to X, previously referred to as Twitter, to express their opinions on the speedy change of clothing.

The tweet said, "Usher's manager suggested that he needs to change his clothes at some point." Usher replied by saying, "Okay, I will do that. But, I will also change while wearing roller skates."

Someone else concurred by writing, "I am curious about the number of clothing ensembles owned by Usher. Do you have any idea?"

Another person highlighted: "Usher managing to switch up his outfit an astounding 16 times in just five minutes."

The R&B vocalist was the main attraction of the music festival, accompanied by a group of dancers and noteworthy celebrities. They played some of his most popular songs from the previous 20 years.

The man who is 45 years old was dressed in a white suit, which he wore over a coat adorned with jewels to mark his significant moment. He imitated Michael Jackson's style by wearing matching gloves and an enormous crystal brooch on his jacket. The gloves were covered with crystals too.

The popular artist took off his suit coat and exposed a shiny silver shirt without sleeves. Eventually, he took off more clothes and showed a basic tank top before taking off everything to go topless.

The R&B artist pledged to bring on special guests and put on a performance that honors his past work while also featuring his current work. This all took place when he was the main act at the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada.

During a press conference hosted by Apple Music in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Usher, renowned for his chart-topping songs such as “Yeah!”, “OMG” and “You Make Me Wanna...”, provided a sneak peek of what's in store for his fans and hinted at surprise appearances.

Finally, Lil Jon and Ludacris teamed up with him to perform their hit single from 2004, "Yeah!".

During his press conference, Usher stated that it would not be a wise decision for him to exclude his hit song 'Yeah!' from his performance. He explained that he could not pass up the opportunity to perform this classic track, especially since legendary artists Jon and Luda were present in the audience.

Before the singer took the stage on the February 8th episode of The Talk, he was asked if he would be performing with his four children in Las Vegas. His kids are named Usher "Cinco" V, Naviyd Ely, Sovereign Bo, and Sire Castrello, and range in age from two to 16 years old.

Usher mentioned that they would still be present, but not for a tour. He received numerous messages from Naviyd, and even Usher gave him some suggestions for songs to include and exclude.

"Was Sovereign available to chat? Nah, she was occupied making videos, y'know?" chuckled the artist, alluding to his latest music video that highlights his daughter. "She's quite the sensation these days."

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