Super Bowl 2024: Usher shines as Taylor Swift makes it to Super Bowl half-time show


Alicia Keys teamed up with Usher to perform their song My Boo together.

During last Sunday's Super Bowl, Usher put on an amazing half-time performance that included many popular hits. He had some special guest performers including, Alicia Keys, Ludacris, and Lil Jon who helped bring the show to an even greater level.

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Before the show began, a message popped up on the screen in a humorous tone, informing the audience that they would see "singing, dancing, perspiring, swaying hips, and maybe some romance problems." True to its word, the performance delivered in every possible way.

Wearing an outfit completely in white and accompanied by a group of lively dancers, Usher appeared on stage at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and immediately began performing one of his most popular songs, Caught Up.

The show began with a lively performance that showcased Usher's talent for dancing as well as his extensive collection of music.

Usher acknowledged that it wasn't easy to fit 30 years of music into just 13 minutes before his halftime performance. However, the R&B artist did an impressive job of incorporating as many of his well-known tracks as he could.

The celebrity easily shifted back and forth between producing upbeat dance tracks and sultry love songs.

After performing a few songs and getting into his rhythm, Usher stepped aside as Alicia Keys emerged on stage. She sat down at a striking red piano, donning a vibrant red ensemble, and began to sing one of her most popular songs, "If I Ain't Got You."

The two individuals then collaborated to showcase their joint performance of the song "My Boo".

Usher had opportunities to showcase his singing abilities and take a break with the mix of ballads and upbeat songs.

Despite singing one of his most well-known slow songs, U Got it Bad, Usher couldn't stay still. He moved his body to the beat while performing on a rotating stage that showcased a clock face projection.

Shortly after, he had his initial attire alteration and another notable VIP appearance. He donned a flashy outfit in black and blue hues and presented for their joint performance of the hit song, OMG - the title of which fully mirrored the audience's enthusiastic response.

The most exciting part of the performance was kept for the finale - when Ludacris and Lil Jon joined the singer for a lively version of his hit song Yeah! from 2004.

Surprisingly, Usher managed to take out some time to reproduce a skating routine that had gained popularity during his recent performance series in Vegas.

However, there was another top-tier celebrity inside the stadium who got plenty of attention on the screen during the Super Bowl.

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Taylor Swift was joined by two other famous faces, rapper Ice Spice on the left and actress Blake Lively on the right, as they watched the game together from the stadium.

During the entire match, Taylor Swift was frequently shown on camera, present to cheer for her partner Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs.

The relationship between the couple has been recognized as one of the factors contributing to increased worldwide attention towards the National Football League (NFL), specifically among female fans.

Swift's fans had anticipated her presence with uncertainty as the singer had performed in Tokyo the previous night as part of her Eras Tour.

Picture origin, USA Today The image was provided by USA Today.

viewers often saw Taylor Swift on camera, showing her support for her partner Travis Kelce by cheering him on.

However, she was able to arrive in Las Vegas with ample time to witness the Chiefs confront the San Francisco 49ers.

The American superstar donned a black ensemble and observed the match with actress Blake Lively, rapper Ice Spice, and her mother Andrea Swift.

A person who is 34 years old was noticed conversing with the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. Donna (who is the mother of Kelce) was also present in the designated area.

There were many famous people present besides her. Rapper Jay-Z, actor Paul Rudd, and ex-basketball players LeBron and James Shaquille O'Neal were spotted at the game.

What Did Usher Sing?

Usher had previously appeared at the Super Bowl as a special guest in 2011, performing with the Black Eyed Peas. His recent Sunday performance was not his debut at the event.

It's fortunate that his comeback to the NFL happened at the same time his most recent album, Coming Home, was released on the weekend.

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