The Boys viewers thrown by ‘weird’ and ‘shocking’ Homelander scene

The Boys

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The Boys - Figure 1
Photo The Independent

Fans of The Boys have noticed an unusual aspect in the latest season.

The popular Prime Video program has come back with a fourth season. This will be the second to last season for the Amazon subscription service. The first three episodes can now be watched online.

In the latest season of the show, the plot starts from where the third one had ended. The main character Billy Butcher, portrayed by Karl Urban, is on a mission to rescue Ryan (played by Cameron Crovetti), his wife's son, from the harmful clutches of the antagonist superhero Homelander (Anthony Starr), who is also Ryan's unstable father.

In this segment, Homelander is depicted as becoming disenchanted with The Seven, a team of superheroes put together by a made-up media corporate entity called Vought Corporation.

In a particular part of the show, we see Homelander attempting to convince Sister Sage (played by Susan Heyward), a strategic mastermind who possesses intelligence superpowers, to join his team. To everyone's surprise, Homelander shows up at her doorstep dressed in regular attire. This sudden change in appearance had audiences shocked.

Fans responded in expected ways when the character appeared in a new attire other than his regular superhero uniform. This is the first time such a thing has happened.

The Boys - Figure 2
Photo The Independent

One individual stated, "The most astounding moment in this episode was Homelander dressed in ordinary garments," and another agreed, declaring, "The most unbelievable occurrence in the initial three episodes of The Boys was Homelander wearing regular attire."

Another person who was watching the show commented, "I wasn't prepared to see Homelander without his superhero outfit and dressed in regular clothes."

Another supporter commented, "It's strange to see Homelander wearing regular clothing, and it creates an even more eerie atmosphere."

The Boys' maker, Eric Kripke, revealed that the program would come to an end after the fifth season.

During the premiere week of #TheBoys Season 4, he informed the show's devotees that Season 5 will be the concluding season!

My intention has always been to execute this plan, but I had to be cautious until Vought approved it. I am extremely excited to present the story in a thrilling, intense and exciting finale. Don't wait any longer and tune into Season 4 in just two days because the conclusion has already started!

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In the past, Kripke expressed his wish for The Boys to have a total of five seasons. He informed fans last year that he had a general concept in mind for the conclusion of the program.

The person in charge of Supernatural for 15 seasons stated, "I understand that it's not wise to predict how many seasons a show will last," when discussing the matter previously.

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