The Boys season 4: How did the last season end?

The Boys

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The Boys - Figure 1
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The highly anticipated fourth season of The Boys, the bloodiest television series about superheroes, has finally returned.

The initial three parts of the show will be broadcasted on Prime Video on Thursday the 13th of June, but the next five will only be made available on the 18th of July, making it the second-to-last season. The creators have announced that the show will finish after season five.

In the conclusion of the third season, the Supes were ruthlessly killed by being cut open and left to die, family conflicts arose, and there were depressing medical prognoses. This shocking end to The Boys' storyline significantly changed their fictional world.

Devious and brutal, Homelander, the leader of the Seven gang, has always struggled with his inner turmoil. He has been torn between his complex connection with Vought International's high-ranking official Madelyn Stillwell and his quest for a paternal figure, resulting in an Oedipal relationship.

During the third season, Homelander discovers that Soldier Boy, an experienced member of the Supes, is in fact his father. Their reunion takes a dark turn when the parental figure belittles him by saying he's a "complete f***ing failure" and attempts to murder him, causing Homelander to become furious and potentially seek revenge.

The Boys - Figure 2
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At the same time, he takes Ryan hostage- who happens to be the son of Becca Butcher. She was raped by him and had to flee to stay safe. As his father and grandfather fight, Ryan uses his natural power of laser eyes to stand up for his father and strike Soldier Boy.

Butcher, the leader of the Boys, leaves Soldier Boy behind and goes to protect Ryan. He had promised his wife, Becca, that he would take care of Ryan.

It appears that Homelander and his son are developing a strong relationship since Homelander brought him to interact with the crowd after the gathering. Unfortunately, Ryan was hit by an item thrown by someone in the crowd, and Homelander became extremely angry. He used his powerful laser eyes to vaporize the man, turning him into a gruesome pile of blood and flesh.

He feels apprehensive that his hidden fury, which is now out in the open, will cause people to turn against him. However, he discovers that the opposite happens as they start applauding him, making him feel invincible.

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By the conclusion of the third season, Butcher learns that he is suffering from a terminal illness. This comes to light as he discovers that Temp V, a unique formula that grants temporary superhuman abilities to regular people for a day, is actually lethal.

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To protect Hughie, he traps him in the gas station bathroom so he can't take more of something that could kill him. Sadly, it's too late to save Butcher, who is rapidly becoming more sick. He feels even more driven to get revenge on the Supes quickly.

The group of Seven - greatly decreased in amount

At the conclusion of season three, The Seven's membership decreases as Starlight becomes an official member of The Boys in the final episode.

According to reports, Maeve was presumed dead after she and Soldier Boy made a noble sacrifice by leaping off Vought Tower while he caused an explosive detonation. Eventually, Soldier Boy was re-captured and contained. Maeve had previously rebelled against Homelander, resulting in her powers being taken away. It was later discovered that Maeve miraculously survived the fall and was not actually deceased.

The Boys - Figure 4
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Homelander took the life of Black Noir when the only Supes who still supported him informed him that he was always aware of Soldier Boy being his father. Black Noir suffered a deadly strike from Homelander whom he pierced through, seriously injuring him and letting him bleed out. Homelander felt grief upon hearing the news as well as self-pity for the way he was left in ignorance.

At the conclusion of the program, The Deep is feeling sorrowful about his separation from his former spouse Cassandra. She is discussing the intricacies of their shared experiences on a talk show to endorse her recently released memoir about their romantic entanglement.

After receiving a heart transplant, A-Train fully restores the strength of his superpowers. However, his family ends up shunning him because of the operation.

You can watch The Boys on Prime Video.

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