Soccer Aid 2024: England vs World XI - LIVE!

Soccer Aid

In a recent match held at Stamford Bridge, England secured their first victory in the Soccer Aid competition since 2018. This match, like others before it, was held to raise funds for UNICEF. The evening's grand total of over £15 million brought the total funds raised since the first Soccer Aid event in 2006 well over £100 million.

There were many ties to Chelsea in this year's matchup. The two managers were Mauricio Pochettino and Frank Lampard. Additionally, Eden Hazard, a former Blues player, returned to west London. One of the returning players was Joe Cole, who scored the first goal of the game just six minutes in. He received a pass from Jack Wilshere and successfully put the ball in the net. However, the talented World XI squad quickly countered and equalized the score.

The spectators at Stamford Bridge were thrilled when Hazard expertly curved a free-kick that went straight through David James, followed by Del Piero scoring effortlessly from a short distance after Usain Bolt passed him the ball. However, England managed to equalize before halftime, courtesy of Ellen White's goal. She executed it perfectly after an outstanding setup by Wilshere. This made Ellen the inaugural female goal scorer in Soccer Aid history.

Tony Bellew and Paddy McGuinness came in as goalkeepers in the second half, which meant that there were still lots of goals being scored. Steven Bartlett from Dragons Den scored twice and Jermain Defoe also managed to add a goal to the tally. Billy Wingrove scored a penalty for the World XI after Patrice Evra was fouled and this brought the score to 5-3, giving them a small chance of a comeback. However, England shut any hope of a comeback down when Theo Walcott scored a cool finish, ending the night on a high both on and off the field.

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Tonight's Soccer Aid match saw a record-breaking number of nine goals scored. This amount of goals was the highest ever recorded in the history of Soccer Aid games.

It's apparent that a sand-based pitch is crucial for Stamford Bridge. Mark your calendar for the year 2025.

It's time to listen to Mr. Williams, who has information about the amount of money raised tonight.

Ever since Soccer Aid kicked off back in 2006, a whopping £106 million has been collected for a charitable cause.

Frank Lampard and Jill Scott proudly hold up the championship trophy side by side, while the iconic tune of Nessun Dorma fills the air at Stamford Bridge.

Absolutely, Robbie Williams is continuing to move his body to the rhythm of the music...

Bartlett Scores Twice!

It was a rough evening for Tony Bellew... although I wouldn't inform him of that.

England Beat World XI 6-3 In FT

We will not receive any additional time!

The soccer team of England has won the Soccer Aid match for the first time in three years. Robbie Williams is said to be extremely excited about this victory.

Steven Bartlett received the accolade of "player of the match" for scoring two goals during the game.

England Defeats World XI 6-3

After 89 minutes of play, Bartlett sends a long pass to Miniminter. Unfortunately, he is hit hard by an opposing player as he attempts to control the ball. However, the referee ignores the incident and continues the game.

The legs are extremely exhausted at the moment, so I don't think they would be enthusiastic about extending the game.

England Beats World XI 6-3

In 86 minutes of play, Bartlett had multiple opportunities to score approximately five goals.

He made sure he was clear before taking the shot. Bellew made a great save and it resulted in a corner kick.

England Defeats World XI 6-3

We have reached a point in the game where the ex-players are unwilling to share the ball and are solely focused on their own performance. This implies selfishness on their part.

Cole attempts dribbling past all opponents but fails at the initial obstacle.

England Beat World XI 6-3 With A Goal By Theo Walcott At 81'

The World XI is one goal away from leveling the game in a matter of minutes... however, the goal came from the opposite side!

Carney passes an excellent ball to Walcott, who lifts the ball over the approaching Bellew and scores with ease.

England Beats World XI 5-3

At the 77th minute mark, Bellew made his way towards the sidelines as the penalty kick was being executed.

His old pal, Mr. Hearn, teased him a little and, as expected, he reacted by giving him a push.

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