Soccer Aid 2024: Eden Hazard lights up the Bridge once more

Soccer Aid

Eden Hazard's comeback was anticipated to captivate the attention of fans of the Blues, and the former Chelsea player did not fail to impress as he contributed another superb goal to his impressive record at Stamford Bridge on Sunday evening.

However, it was a team of many other exceptional Chelsea players who emerged victorious at the Soccer Aid for UNICEF 2024 event. The England team triumphed over a Rest of the World XI by a score of 6-3 in front of a sold-out audience at the Bridge.

At Stamford Bridge, there were many former Blues present. Both the staff and the players included many familiar faces, such as Frank Lampard, Mauricio Pochettino, Jesus Perez, and Toni Jimenez. In fact, there were nine ex-players across both teams.

In football language, the phrase 'club legend' may be used too frequently. However, tonight was an exception as there were former Chelsea players who earned the status of legends within both teams.

A total of six players who played in the 2012 Champions League final took part in this year's tournament. Petr Cech, Michael Essien, and John Obi Mikel played for the Rest of the World team, while Ashley Cole and Gary Cahill played for England under the leadership of Lampard.

A curious aspect of Soccer Aid is that there are no rules stating that two players cannot have the same squad number. This resulted in fans enjoying the presence of three outstanding No. 10s from the history of the Blues team: Hazard, Joe Cole, and Karen Carney.

Lampard had a remarkable number nine in his team for EURO 2022, and it was none other than Ellen White, who holds the record for the most goals scored by an England Women's player. She began her career with the Blues and played for them from 2005 until 2008. This makes her an important asset for the team.

Before the start of the game at Stamford Bridge, it's a regular tradition to witness the flying of blue flags in the West Stand. However, on this particular occasion, the blue flags were being displayed in support of Soccer Aid for UNICEF.

The yearly festivity was created by the famous Robbie Williams and has been active since 2006. The objective is to unite the country and support children globally, giving them the finest beginning in life. The event has amassed over £90million in funds since it started 18 years ago.

On Sunday night, the experienced players of Chelsea showed their skills early on. Joe Cole set up a great opportunity for White soon after the game began, while Cech dazzled with his footwork and managed to get past the ex-England striker just a few yards away from the goal.

Cole displayed his skills by scoring the first goal with a controlled move where he caught the ball on his chest within the penalty box and shot it through Petr Cech's legs.

The Soccer Aid event is known for its classic flying challenge, and Irish performer Emmett J Scanlan, who is famous for his role in the TV series Kin, did not disappoint. He successfully knocked over singer Tom Grennan during the game.

The amazing fundraising occasion also offers the chance to create unlikely sentences like 'Danny Dyer from Eastenders made a slide tackle to dispossess the brilliant Eden Hazard' which may seem unbelievable at first.

During the first 30 minutes of the game, the right-back Dyer made several aggressive slide tackles. Unfortunately, he was unfairly penalized for a foul committed against Usain Bolt, which allowed Hazard to give Chelsea supporters the exciting moment they had been anticipating.

During his time at Chelsea, Hazard managed to score a total of 110 goals in 352 games. He even made some outstanding goals at Stamford Bridge, and during one match, he scored a remarkable free-kick from 20 yards out. The ball curved perfectly into the near post, leaving David James with no chance to stop it. This goal will undoubtedly be remembered as one of his best.

The Rest of the World team scored their second point, thanks to Alessandro Del Piero, who wore the No.10 jersey. Later on, two skilled players who also sported the No.10 shirt joined forces to tie the score.

Joe Cole could be said to have had the biggest impact during the beginning of the game. He passed the ball through to Jack Wilshere, and the former midfielder for Arsenal and England smoothly went around Cech to set up White. White then became the first woman to score in Soccer Aid by simply tapping the ball in, making it 2-2.

During the middle of the game, Ashley Cole, a former Chelsea player and legend, joined the team. England quickly scored a goal in the second half thanks to Steven Bartlett, an entrepreneur and host of Diary of a CEO, who kicked the ball forcefully between the legs of Tony Bellew, a former boxing world champion.

A few retired experts who were once famous names are still able to showcase their exceptional skills. One of these experts is Jermain Defoe. The lethal striker skillfully maneuvered past his defender and successfully scored at the bottom corner, making the score 4-2.

During the first half, Joe Cole was an important player for England. However, in the second half Bartlett stepped up his game by shutting down a Bellew kick and scoring a goal, bringing the score to 5-2. This goal practically secured his team's win, which was the first in six years.

The match was enjoyable all the way with plenty of goals being scored. Billy Wingrove, a freestyle footballer, scored a penalty for the Rest of the World XI, and Theo Walcott skillfully kicked the ball over Bellew, who was rushing to defend, resulting in England's first victory since 2018.

However, it can be argued that the most significant attempt of the night occurred after the game had ended. The founder of Soccer Aid, Robbie Williams, notified the audience that the 2024 occasion had successfully garnered £15,049,590 in support of UNICEF. This has led to a grand total of over £106 million raised for the charity since 2006.

If you want to increase that amount, you have the option of making a contribution to Soccer Aid. Simply click on the link provided to donate.

Some well-known personalities who participated in a charity match included Robbie Williams, Frank Lampard, Harry Redknapp, Vicky McClure, and David Seaman as the goalkeeper coach.

One option would be: The following players are listed in this blog section: David James, Ashley Cole, Gary Cahill, Jill Scott (who is also the captain), Joe Cole, Jack Wilshere, Karen Carney, Theo Walcott, Jermaine Defoe, and Ellen White.

Here are some alternative ways to rewrite this paragraph in simpler or more conversational English: - The team includes Paddy McGuinness as goalkeeper, Steven Bartlett (number 92), Bobby Brazier (number 15), Stuart Broad (number 8), Alex Brooker (number 14), Danny Dyer (number 77), Sir Mo Farah (number 4), Tom Grennan (number 8), Eddie Hearn (number 12), Tom Hiddleston (number 6), Simon Minter (also known as Miniminter and number 7), Sam Quek (number 13), and Sam Thompson (number 25). - These are the people on the team: Paddy McGuinness the goalie, Steven Bartlett (who wears 92), Bobby Brazier (number 15), Stuart Broad (number 8), Alex Brooker (number 14), Danny Dyer (number 77), Sir Mo Farah (number 4), Tom Grennan (number 8), Eddie Hearn (number 12), Tom Hiddleston (number 6), Simon Minter (Miniminter and number 7), Sam Quek (number 13), and Sam Thompson (number 25). - Meet the players on the team: Paddy McGuinness is the goalie, and the rest of the squad includes Steven Bartlett (#92), Bobby Brazier (#15), Stuart Broad (#8), Alex Brooker (#14), Danny Dyer (#77), Sir Mo Farah (#4), Tom Grennan (#8), Eddie Hearn (#12), Tom Hiddleston (#6), Simon Minter (also known as Miniminter and #7), Sam Quek (#13), and Sam Thompson (#25).

"World Team Plays Soccer For A Cause"

Mauricio Pochettino, Jesus Perez, Robbie Keane, Billy Wingrove (who is a coach for developing skills), and Toni Jimenez (who is responsible for coaching goalkeepers) are all part of a group working together.

There are several famous football players on this list, including Petr Cech, Roberto Carlos, and Patrice Evra. Michael Essien, Kaylyn Kyle, Kheira Hamraoui, John Obi Mikel, Alessandro Del Piero, Eden Hazard, and Olga Garcia round out the rest of the list. All of these players have made significant contributions to the sport of football and have gained a large following of fans around the world. Their talent and dedication to the game have earned them a spot on this list of notable football players.

In the latest blog, a list of celebrities and sports personalities were given who had specific numbers assigned to them. The list includes Tony Bellew (GK), Maisie Adam at 23, Theo Baker is at 14, Usain Bolt at number 9.58 as the captain, Martin Compston at 67, Diamond (Livi Sheldon) at 9, Tommy Fury at zero, Roman Kemp at 4, Lee Mack at 7, Jason Manford at 8. Emmett J. Scanlan at 13, Iain Sterling at 98, Michael Ward at 18, and Tion Wayne at 99.

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