Moment Ryan Garcia is led out of his Beverly Hills hotel by cops

Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia was escorted out of his high-end hotel located in Beverly Hills by law enforcement personnel while being restrained with handcuffs.

The boxer who has been a subject of much debate was apprehended on Saturday for committing a serious crime of destroying property at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Los Angeles.

According to reports, he has been freed following his transfer to a medical facility for examination and care.

On Saturday afternoon, Garcia was arrested for allegedly causing harm to the hotel's assets, notably his room and the hallway. The estimated cost of the destruction was $15,000.

According to TMZ, Garcia was displaying signs of being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. However, they also reported that he was compliant with law enforcement officials when he was taken into custody.

. Ryan Garcia was escorted out of his luxurious Beverly Hills hotel by law enforcement officers.

Officials were said to have investigated Garcia's well-being at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills hotel after receiving a call from a worried relative.

A video clip capturing his arrest displays the pugilist without a top and sporting a protective headgear while strolling outside the inn, flanked by several law enforcement officers.

Although it was reported that Garcia had been set free, he posted on X on Sunday implying that he was still in custody.

He wrote: 'It's kind of amusing that both Trump and I are behind bars.'

I'm not sure if he's imprisoned, but I am aware that he was found guilty. This is dreadful news, yet I take comfort in my faith in Jesus and believe I will endure.

Last month, Donald Trump was found guilty of illegal actions related to the 2016 election by a jury in New York. He was found guilty of 34 different charges for his part in a scheme to influence the election by secretly paying off a porn actress who claimed she had an affair with him. These actions are considered felony crimes.

The ex-President is not currently incarcerated, but will be receiving a sentence on July 11th.

Earlier this year, a 25-year-old fighter defeated Devin Haney. However, the fighter's behavior before the fight raised concerns about his mental wellbeing. As it turns out, he also failed a drug test after his unexpected win.

Last month, Donald Trump was found guilty of committing serious offenses, however, the ex-leader is currently not incarcerated.

Earlier this week, TMZ disclosed that police conducted a welfare check on Garcia at a hotel after receiving a call from a worried relative.

The authorities reportedly concluded that he was alright, and that was the conclusion of the issue.

However, the recent arrest of Garcia in California on Saturday is another worrisome occurrence in his chaotic last few months.

He ended his marriage with Andrea Celina in December 2023, right after their second child was born.

As he approached his highly anticipated fight against Haney in April, he caused great concern about his mental well-being with a sequence of troubling and peculiar outbursts on social media. One of them included an accusation that someone slit his throat.

Garcia stated that he was sexually assaulted by a family member when he was young and he also accused 'the elites' of restraining him in the forest and making him witness the sexual abuse of minors.

It seems that Garcia caused harm to the hotel's belongings, including the area where he was lodged.

Garcia, 25, has had a recent exciting occurrence, adding to a pattern of unpredictable actions throughout this year.

With worries about his mental condition, he weighed in at nearly four pounds over the required limit for his highly anticipated fight against Haney, the reigning WBC super-lightweight champion. This caused him to be disqualified for the title, even though he emerged victorious that evening.

After Garcia's victory in Brooklyn, it was discovered that he had consumed the illegal drug Ostarine on the day of the fight and the day before. This was confirmed when the B-sample tests also came back positive.

Nonetheless, the group he belongs to argues that the outcomes of the B-sample provide evidence that their player did not commit any wrongdoing. They firmly believe that he has fallen prey to the pollution caused by supplements.

Haney and his father have both made appeals in regards to Garcia's victory. Haney wants the decision of the match to be reversed, resulting in a disqualification win. On the other hand, his father believes that Garcia should never be allowed to participate in boxing again.

Last Wednesday, Garcia shared on his social media account that his mother, Lisa, is presently fighting against breast cancer.

"My mother has given me permission to share this," he wrote. "Please keep my mother in your prayers."

Breast cancer is a terrible disease, but we remain optimistic that we can beat it. We believe in the power of Jesus to triumph over any challenge, including cancer. So though we acknowledge the difficulty of the battle ahead, we are confident in our eventual victory.

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