Young Blues Help Local Side Celebrate Anniversary

Portsmouth FC

There are other football clubs besides Pompey that are also commemorating their 125th anniversary in the present year.

The academy team is contributing to the celebration of Brockenhurst's significant anniversary by organizing a unique exhibition game.

Tonight's match will happen at the Grigg Lane stadium, home of the Wessex League team. The game will start at 7.30pm and the postal code for the location is SO42 7RE.

Adults can attend the event by purchasing a ticket at a cost of £5, while under-16s can join in by only paying £1. There will be two spots open- the clubhouse bar and tea hut where visitors can have a good time. Furthermore, a program that highlights the activities taking place at the event can also be bought for just £2.

"Tonight at Brock FC, those supporting Pompey can take advantage of free parking at the Village Car Park after 6pm. Entrances will also be available."

You will be able to use both Turnstile Entrances located on Grigg Lane and Fathersfield. You can conveniently reach the Fathersfield Entrance from the Car Park in just one minute by following the Map.

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