Video shows Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs assaulting singer Cassie in 2016

P. Diddy

Recently, CNN obtained exclusive footage that displays Sean "Diddy" Combs physically attacking and kicking his ex-girlfriend, the singer Cassie Ventura, in front of hotel security cameras back in 2016. Despite this incident, Diddy was able to settle a lawsuit brought on by Cassie last November.

The video presents in a vivid and explicit manner one of the violent assaults that Ventura claims occurred and described in the lawsuit against Combs. Combs had strongly denied these allegations.

Before federal authorities conducted a sex-trafficking investigation raid on Combs' properties in Los Angeles and Miami in March, Ventura had already filed a lawsuit.

In the video that CNN obtained, Combs can be observed leaving a room at the now-closed InterContinental Hotel in the Century City area of Los Angeles while clutching a cloth around his midsection. He sprints down a passage following Ventura, seizes her by the nape of her neck, and flings her to the ground beside a group of elevators.

The footage, which had not previously been viewed by the public, exhibits Combs kicking Ventura two times and pulling her along before releasing her and leaving the area.

Ventura rises from her spot, collects her belongings from the ground, and reaches for a landline located beside the elevators. Combs shortly thereafter appears, draped in solely a towel and socks, and forcefully pushes Ventura against a corner. This occurs while they stand right across from a security camera, which records the entire violent incident.

He flings an object towards Ventura and begins to leave. In the recorded footage, Combs turns around and heads towards Ventura again after an elevator door opens, and it seems like someone might have come out of it.

Ventura's lawyer, Douglas H Wigdor, gave a message to CNN stating that the video was "heart-wrenching". Wigdor affirmed that the recording "reinforced Mr. Combs' concerning and preying activities."

Wigdor expressed that Ms Ventura has displayed immense bravery and strength by taking the step to reveal this information.

Combs did not respond right away to the video evidence, which clearly opposed his previous forceful rejections of Ventura's claims.

The lawsuit that Ventura filed in November claimed that Combs had raped and physically abused her for more than ten years. She also revealed that he had coerced her into having sex with male prostitutes and exploited his influential connections in the entertainment industry to trap her in their relationship. This partnership apparently began in 2007 when Ventura was nineteen and Combs was thirty-seven. It continued on and off until 2018.

Combs and Ventura came to an agreement on their legal dispute just a day after the lawsuit was filed. The details of the settlement were not revealed, but most of the talk surrounding the case centered on how promptly Combs acted to settle the matter before it could go to trial.

After that, Combs has encountered many other legal actions accusing him of committing rapes, sexual assaults, other types of physical abuse, and sharing "revenge porn." Despite that, Combs has refused any claims made against him and promised to protect his reputation.

Combs' increasing legal issues were revealed after his houses in Los Angeles and Miami were searched by federal agents as part of an investigation into sex trafficking. The 54-year-old musician, who has been a three-time recipient of the Grammy awards, used to be known by several names such as P Diddy, Puff Daddy, and Love. Although Combs communicated with the authorities during the searches, he was not arrested, charged or prohibited from traveling, according to his attorney's statement issued to the media.

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