Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in talks to reunite for Practical Magic 2

Nicole Kidman Practical Magic

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Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are discussing the possibility of playing their Practical Magic roles again in an upcoming sequel.

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Griffin Dunne was the director of the first movie released in 1998. The inspiration of the film came from Alice Hoffman's novel with the same title, published three years earlier in 1995. The plot revolves around two sisters, Sally and Gillian Owens, portrayed by Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. The sisters come from a lineage of witches, and they were trained in the uses of magic by their aunts, who raised them after their parents passed away.

The writer of popular movies such as Batman Forever from 1995 and I, Robot from 2004, Akiva Goldsman has been selected to write the script for the follow-up film.

Variety reports that Bullock and Kidman will be joining the production team as well as taking on starring roles.

Last Sunday, news broke that the primary movie is currently accessible in digital format and is available to stream on the Max platform.

In the 26 years since its debut, that movie has reached a cult status and is highly regarded for its music. The film's soundtrack features a composition by Alan Silvestri and a unique song "If You Ever Did Believe" by Stevie Nicks. Additionally, the movie includes Nicks's re-recorded version of "Crystal."

In the previous month, Keanu Reeves disclosed his interest in collaborating with Bullock once again for a third edition of the movie Speed.

In 1994, there was an action movie featuring Reeves as Jack Traven who was a member of the Swat team in the Los Angeles Police Department. His mission was to stop a bomb from detonating on a city bus by ensuring its speed was above 50mph. In 1997, Bullock starred in a sequel called Speed 2: Cruise Control but Reeves declined to take part. He was substituted by Jason Patric.

During a collaborative interview with Bullock on the 50 MPH podcast, Reeves expressed his assurance in their ability to successfully create a follow-up film to Speed at present.

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"I know what I'm saying, we would absolutely excel," expressed the performer.

Reeves disclosed that he is being heavily attracted to the idea of making a sequel to Speed and he would be delighted to collaborate with Bullock again before passing away.

Bullock was equally excited about teaming up with Reeves once more.

Bullock stated that she believes she and Keanu should collaborate on a project on-screen before she passes away and departs the earth.

"Could it be possible that we're using wheelchairs or walkers? Well, that's what she joked about."

Bullock and Reeves haven't appeared together in a movie since 2006 when they were in the romantic movie, The Lake House.

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