Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock Star in Practical Magic Sequel

Nicole Kidman Practical Magic

Image: Courtesy of Warner Bros/ Everett Collection In the photograph, we can observe a scene from a Warner Bros movie.

To create an excellent follow-up, you will need the following ingredients: - Two Academy Awards - Two Emmy Awards - A producer credit from the esteemed George Lopez - A commercial aired on AMC - A Paddington Bear dressed as an astronaut

It's midnight somewhere, so why not make some margaritas? The Hollywood Reporter recently announced that a sequel to "Practical Magic" is in the works, and both Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock will executive produce and reprise their roles as sisters Gillian and Sally Owens. Akiva Goldsman, one of the original screenwriters, will pen the script. While there are no plot details available, we last saw the sisters overcome a family curse preventing them from finding love. Could there be more curses uncovered in the past 20 years? Perhaps Sally's daughters have their own relationship challenges. Anything is possible when it comes to witches and their broomsticks.

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