Morata faces media backlash


Morata played in the International Friendly game between Spain and Albania at the RCDE Stadium in Barcelona, Spain on March 26, 2022. Image source: Shutterstock.

Alvaro Morata, the 31-year-old leader of the Spain team, is facing a lot of attention from the media in Spain before the Euro 2024 semi-final match against France.

Labeled as a 'shameful' and having a 'victim mentality', Morata's statements about possibly quitting international soccer have stirred up debate.

International Retirement Hints

As per reports from the Daily Mail, Morata hinted that Euro 2024 could be the final competition he plays with Spain. He talked about feeling upset about the unkind way he and his family have been treated and mentioned that it might be simpler to relocate to a different country.

The article published by El Confidencial caused a lot of controversy by accusing Morata of being a 'crybaby' and showing 'immature and unacceptable behavior'.

The article stated that Morata believed he was being singled out unfairly, comparing his experiences to those of other well-known players such as Kylian Mbappe and Jude Bellingham who have also dealt with negative comments.

Morata's spouse, Alice Campello, spoke out against the critical news coverage, stating that the media's tactics fuel unwarranted animosity.

She took to Instagram to question the ethical standards of journalism and advocated for players to receive more supportive treatment, particularly during important matches.

Morata has faced difficulties with Spanish supporters, including being booed during Euro 2020.

"I find it difficult to feel happy in Spain," he admitted in a Daily Mail article. "There is a lack of respect for everything and everyone in Spain."

Excited For France!

Despite all the attention from the media, Morata is keeping his attention on the upcoming semi-final match against France. He has participated in every one of Spain's five games in Euro 2024 and managed to score a goal.

His status with the national team in the future is unclear, but he continues to hold the position of Spain's captain for the upcoming Euro 2024 semi-final.

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