Michael Mosley's wife Clare says she won't lose hope over missing presenter

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Freshly captured surveillance footage seems to depict Michael Mosley making his way towards craggy hills.

The spouse of Michael Mosley, who works in TV and radio and has gone missing, stated that they will remain optimistic while the quest goes on in Symi, which is a Greek island.

The individual who is 67 years old disappeared after embarking on a stroll on Wednesday.

Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, his spouse, stated that the time that has passed since his disappearance has been the lengthiest and most excruciating.

The search and rescue mission for Dr. Mosley, who is recognized for his TV shows and BBC Radio 4's Just One Thing podcast, resumed on Saturday.

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Dr Bailey Mosley expressed that it has been three whole days since Michael went for a stroll on the beach. These past few days have been the most excruciating and intolerable for her and her children.

We are still looking for Michael and our family is extremely thankful to the people of Symi, the Greek government, and the British Consulate for their non-stop efforts to locate him.

"We will stay hopeful."

Assisted by a group of friends, Dr. Bailey Mosley has been scouring the island for any sign of the missing person. To aid in their efforts, the four children of the couple have traveled to Symi to join the search party.

On Wednesday, Michael Mosley disappeared when he left his spouse at Agios Nikolaos beach at roughly 1:30 pm in the local time, which is equivalent to 11:30 am in BST.

Dr Mosley's spouse eventually informed the authorities of his disappearance as he did not possess his mobile device.

The latest CCTV footage obtained by BBC News shows a man, supposedly Dr. Mosley, walking with an umbrella by the harbor in Pedi village on Wednesday. It is believed that he was heading towards the rugged peaks in the area.

According to a police officer who chose to remain anonymous, the recent video seems to depict the individual in excellent condition and moving with confident steps, as reported by BBC News.

The Greek officials have now changed their search efforts to this specific area on the island.

It is not difficult to slip and hurt yourself or stray from the path and become disoriented while traversing the hilly landscape.

A new idea that has come up suggests that Dr Mosley may have been attempting to travel a significantly longer path than what was initially believed, crossing over many miles of open mountainside. Dr Mosley's lodgings were located in the central area around a distance of one mile from Pedi.

When BBC News strolled a small distance on the identical route assumed to have been taken by Dr Mosley, in the middle of the day with the sun shining bright, the warm temperature was apparent and noticeable without delay.

Three pals from the UK, who are aiding in the search, shared with the BBC that they believe it's feasible to become disoriented for a brief period of time.

"It might be challenging, but there is a clear path you can follow."

On Wednesday, a local Facebook group shared a picture of Dr. Mosley vacationing in Symi Island.

Until now, the authorities have employed drone technology, a chopper, and a trained canine to locate the vanished host.

According to Symi's coastguard, people who specialize in underwater exploration have been searching the water. Along with them, groups such as patrol boats, private boats, and commercial boats have also been involved in the search.

The Mayor of Symi, Eleftherios Papakaloudoukas announced that they will keep searching until they locate Dr. Mosley.

He stated that he didn't know why the absent host would venture on a challenging and exhausting trip in the sweltering heat. However, he expressed his hope that the presenter would be located safe and sound.

Dr. Mosley worked hard and obtained a medical degree in London before pursuing a career in TV. Despite being qualified as a doctor, he has primarily worked as a presenter, journalist, documentary maker, and author for over 20 years now.

He has made appearances on The One Show on BBC One and on This Morning on ITV.

Additionally, Dr Mosley writes for the Daily Mail and he is also a presenter on two TV programmes; Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat? on Channel 4 and Trust Me, I'm A Doctor on the BBC.

Dr. Bailey Mosley, who is married to him, is also a doctor, an advocate for healthy living, and an author.

The pair made an appearance at the Hay Festival, during which Dr. Mosley delivered an exceptional version of Just One Thing.

In response to the surprising news, Dr. Saleyha Ahsan, who is also a co-star on Trust Me, I'm A Doctor, expressed her hope for the safe discovery of the missing individual. She admitted to feeling extremely anxious and concerned.

In the Thursday episode of The One Show, host Alex Jones began the show by sharing her worry about a missing individual who she referred to as "our friend."

We are keeping his wife Clare and the entire family in our prayers during this distressing moment. Our desire is for encouraging updates on his health," she further expressed.

At 1330 in the afternoon, which is equivalent to 11:30 in British Standard Time, Dr. Michael Mosley departs from his wife Clare while they are at Agios Nikolaos beach to go for a stroll.

A video footage captured on CCTV in Pedi shows a person who was holding an umbrella. The occurrence was documented in the year 1350.

In 1357, a man was spotted once more at the marina of Pedi, going towards the direction of the northeast.

On Thursday at 11:15, the police reported that the presenter was missing. In response to their distress, they contacted Athens and reached out to the Greek fire department for help.

At 2 o'clock, the Greek fire department arrived in Symi with a crew of six firefighters and a team controlling a drone.

In the year 1900, a helicopter was dispatched to aid in the search effort.

Island for missing British woman On Friday, divers joined efforts to search for a British lady who went missing around Symi Island. They are exploring the waters to gather more information about the woman's whereabouts.

On Saturday at 6:00am, firefighters started searching for Dr. Mosley again.

At 2:00 p.m., Clare Mosley, the wife of the missing man, expresses her gratitude to everyone who participated in the search and assures that their family will remain optimistic.

More news was collected by Insaf Abbas who was in Symi and Andre Rhoden-Paul who was in London.

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