Michael Mosley: Search for presenter continues for fifth day

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Reporters Insaf Abbas and Andre Rhoden-Paul are correspondents for the BBC News organization.

The quest to locate Michael Mosley, a television and radio host who has gone missing, is ongoing for the fifth consecutive day on the island of Symi in Greece.

The individual who is 67 years old disappeared after embarking on a stroll on Wednesday.

Efforts to locate the speaker have been concentrated on a stony region situated towards the north of the Pedi community where he was last seen.

Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley, his wife, stated on Saturday that they will remain optimistic.

Dr. Bailey Mosley shared on Saturday that it has been a traumatic experience for herself and her children since Michael departed for a stroll from the beach three days ago. These have been the most extended and distressing days for them.

We are still looking for Michael, and we want to express our deep gratitude to the individuals in Symi, the Greek government, and the British Consulate for their unceasing efforts in aiding our search.

"We will remain optimistic."

Dr. Bailey Mosley has been exploring the island with the help of some buddies. In addition, the four children of the couple have come to Symi Island to lend their assistance.

Freshly obtained surveillance footage seems to indicate that Michael Mosley was headed in the direction of jagged hills.

On Wednesday at around 1:30 pm local time (11:30 am BST), Michael Mosley departed from his spouse at Agios Nikolaos beach for a walk. However, he has not been seen or heard from since and is currently considered missing.

Afterwards, Dr. Mosley's wife filed a report stating that he was missing, as he did not have his mobile phone with him.

Freshly released CCTV footage reveals what is potentially one of the final sightings of a man suspected to be Dr Mosley taking a stroll by the marina in the town of Pedi. The video was captured at approximately 2 PM in the afternoon by local time, which is equivalent to 12 PM in BST on a Wednesday. The clip was acquired by BBC News.

The footage displayed him strolling along a track leading to rugged mountains.

Here is where Greek authorities—including police and firefighters—are currently conducting a search for Dr. Mosley, with the help of both tourists and local volunteers.

A rescuer in Symi informed BBC News on Sunday morning that he, along with a detection canine, were being sent back to Athens.

After the hot weather, Dr Mosley's dog Scar was very tired and had sore paws from walking on hot rocks.

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