Elizabeth Hurley joins exes Hugh Grant and Arun Nayar at son's film premiere

Liz Hurley

The news that Strictly Confidential received a lot of attention last year after it came out that the lead actor from Austin Powers was featured in personal scenes with a different female character in a film directed by 22-year-old Damian.

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At 58 years old, the lead actress portrays a woman who is dealing with the loss of her daughter due to suicide. The cast also includes Georgia Lock from The Evermoor Chronicles, Freddie Thorp from Fate: The Winx Saga, and Lauren McQueen from Hollyoaks.

At the exclusive showing, Damian took a picture with the ensemble and his mom. Accompanying them was performer Grant, known for his standout performances in popular movies like Bridget Jones's Diary, Love Actually, Notting Hill, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Damian's godfather, Grant, wore a smart black suit with a clean white shirt and seemed to be in a happy mood as they stood together on the red carpet.

of her new film "The Burnt Orange Heresy" in London last night. Yesterday evening, Hurley was seen alongside her former partner Arun Nayar at the debut of her latest movie, "The Burnt Orange Heresy," which took place in London.

Elizabeth, the actress from Royals, was in a committed romantic partnership with Grant for 13 years, starting from 1987 and lasting until 2000.

Currently, he is joyfully wedded to Anna Elisabet Eberstein who works as a producer for television. The couple exchanged vows in 2018.

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In the meantime, Elizabeth was accompanied by her ex-husband, Arun Nayar, who showed his support for her at the event. During the event, Elizabeth wore a stunning green dress that sparkled brightly.

The woman who played a role in Gossip Girl was wedded to Nayar for four years, from 2007 to 2011. She called it "the friendliest separation globally" during the time of their breakup.

Even though Arun is not Damian's birth father, Arun and Damian's mother tied the knot when Damian was only five, and she recognizes Arun as his dad, as previously mentioned.

In an interview with You magazine, which was published by the Mail On Sunday in 2018, the famous Briton spoke about Nayar, stating that he is the father of Damian and takes good care of him. Furthermore, they spend a lot of time together.

She further stated that Hugh and Arun hold significant importance in our lives.

Additional celebrities present at the occasion were David Furnish, a close friend of Elizabeth, Trinny Woodall, Michelle Visage, and Abbey Clancy.

Elizabeth is seen in a photograph with her son Damian Hurley on the left and her friend David Furnish on the right.

The movie director shared that he based the story on his personal encounters with grief. Sadly, he had to go through the tragic events of losing his dear friend and birth father to suicide.

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Hurley shared with Tatler about the motivation for the movie's plot, revealing, "After some time, I stumbled upon a script I had penned at 17 years old when a dear friend took their own life."

When I initially set aside the story, I realized that I wasn't prepared to share it with others. However, in the span of three years, I experienced the loss of a family member who took their own life. This event caused me to mature at a rapid rate.

After pondering over it, I recognized that I possessed the skills necessary to transform the script into a tangible entity, and thus began the conception of Strictly Confidential. This narrative chronicles the journey of a youthful female tormented by the demise of her confidant and refusing to rest until she unearths the truth.

Elizabeth, Hugh Grant's former partner, began a romantic relationship with the late movie producer Bing in 2000.

The female performer took pictures alongside Trinny Woodall.

Elizabeth Hurley, who starred in the movie Bedazzled, gave birth to her son Damian in 2002 after an 18-month relationship with businessman Steve Bing. However, Bing disputed that he was the father of the child, arguing that they had not been in an exclusive relationship at the time. Sadly, Steve Bing passed away in 2020 after committing suicide in Los Angeles.

The famous actress has just spoken up after her son, Damian, expressed that it was not a big deal for him to direct her steamy scene in their upcoming movie.

The former model who switched to directing made headlines last year when it was revealed that he had filmed a scene of his mother being intimate with another woman for the suspenseful Prime video production.

The subject of the particular scene has recently come up again during an interview with the director, who was asked about the process of making the film.

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