Toney confident in Euro 2024 dream after first England goal

Ivan Toney

The forward has become the initial member of the Brentford squad to record a goal for the national team of England.

Ivan Toney - Figure 1
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Toney remained calm and focused when taking his penalty, even though the videoreferee had to review it for a significant amount of time. He cleverly tricked Belgium's goalkeeper, Matz Sels, by shooting the ball in the opposite direction than he expected, successfully scoring his first goal for the England team. During the game, Youri Tielemans scored a goal for Belgium, and shortly after, Toney scored his. However, Jude Bellingham managed to save the game for England with an equalizer in the last moments of added time, resulting in a final score of 2-2.

Gareth Southgate had a challenging evening with England, but Toney's performance was one of the highlights. The 28-year-old player was content with the impression he made.

When asked if he had secured a position in the 23-man team for Germany in the upcoming summer, Toney expressed that he was hopeful and would continue to put in the extra effort. He also mentioned that Ollie was his rival, but they had a cordial competition. Toney conveyed his well wishes for Ollie every time he stepped on the field.

"I think I performed satisfactorily and I am optimistic that I have a fair chance of being considered for the Euros. It is a wonderful experience to play alongside these talented athletes, and I hope to have the opportunity to do so frequently in the future."

Toney has managed to score 29 out of the 31 penalties he has taken in his career so far. His success rate of 93.5% is really impressive and it's highly likely that Southgate will consider this when it comes to shoot-outs.

Toney reiterated his need to remain composed, especially when taking penalties. He stated that he tries to remain relaxed, making the goalkeeper wait, before effortlessly placing the ball in the net. The occasion was made more memorable for the striker as he received a message from Peter Beardsley, congratulating him on making his debut a year ago on the same date. Toney felt a sense of accomplishment, realizing that he was now starting and scoring goals for his team.

On Saturday, Watkins wasn't able to score during his start against Brazil. However, he played a crucial role in keeping the ball in play for Bellingham to score the equalizing goal when he came on as a substitute last night. His performance has strengthened the argument for Southgate to bring three strikers to the team.

Toney did not perform flawlessly, as he accidentally hit the ball with his hand in the opening minute and missed an opportunity to score in the beginning of the second half. Nevertheless, numerous individuals believe that he is a superior substitute for Kane.

During Toney's first game playing for the full England team, he successfully scored a penalty.

Mistakes made by Jordan Pickford and Lewis Dunk while defending resulted in England losing, but Southgate remained optimistic about the team's performance in their last match before he announces his provisional squad for the European Championship.

According to the English coach, having a strong desire to win and avoid losing is crucial when it comes to scoring a goal in the dying moments of a match. He expressed satisfaction with the entire team's performance, noting their display of competitiveness.

I was quite satisfied with Saturday's show, except for the way the team switched and their performance during the last part of the game. In that case, their play in the last third of the game was impressive, but they weren't able to score goals.

Transitions have been a challenging issue in both matches. If you want to be victorious in a competition, it's crucial to have a solid defense as a group. We've allowed more high-quality opportunities compared to our previous games; however, we've faced two exceptional teams, and that's the truth.

Southgate spoke highly of Kobbie Mainoo, a talented 18-year-old midfielder from Manchester United, who performed impressively during his debut match with England and earned the title of man-of-the-match.

"He presented us with something entirely unique from a creative standpoint," the speaker expressed. "His level of maturity is remarkable. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of his work."

Toney expressed his thoughts on Mainoo, stating that at his age, Toney was likely spending his time playing video games, while Mainoo is out there showcasing his skills on the soccer field for England. Toney admires Mainoo's ability to effortlessly navigate the ball and believes that he has a bright future ahead of him, possibly even becoming one of the top players.

According to Bellingham, the player is really impressive. Although many people want him to be selected, Bellingham thinks he is an outstanding player who will have a successful career ahead of him.

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