Super Gran star Gudrun Ure dies aged 98

Gudrun Ure

Gudrun Ure, the leading lady of the widely successful kids' TV program Super Gran in the 1980s, has passed away at the age of 98.

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Ure's representation of Granny Smith was loved by many worldwide because Granny Smith got special abilities after getting hit by a magical beam.

Kate McNeill, her niece, confirmed the news of her passing.

Ure's birthplace is Milton of Campsie, East Dunbartonshire, and his date of birth is March 12th, 1926.

She played the role of Desdemona in a stage production of Othello in 1951, which was directed by Hollywood icon Orson Welles. She was also responsible for providing the voice-over for Suzanne Cloutier's part in Welles' movie adaptation.

Ure has also made appearances in various other TV programs such as Casualty, Midsomer Murders, The Crow Road, The 10th Kingdom, and T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom.

Nevertheless, it was her part in Super Gran that raised her to a revered status among fans.

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The performance was adapted from a set of novels composed by Forrest Wilson. In the show, Ure depicted a role where she utilized her abilities to safeguard the inhabitants of Chiselton from various antagonists. These adversaries included the conniving Roderick 'Scunner' Campbell and his group.

The show had numerous notable guest performers, such as George Best, Spike Milligan, Eric Bristow, Roy Kinnear, and the comedian Billy Connolly, who even lent his voice to the theme song.

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The TV show called ITV was on air during the period of 1985-1987 and was distributed to over 60 nations around the globe.

Additionally, the show was granted a highly respected International Emmy Award in the grouping of children and young individuals.

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