Super Gran star Gudrun Ure dies aged 98

Gudrun Ure

Gudrun Ure rose to fame for her memorable portrayal in the popular television program "Super Gran" during the 1980s.

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Gudrun Ure, who was the lead actress of the famous children's television series Super Gran which aired in the 1980s, has passed away at the age of 98.

The way she acted as an elderly lady who gained extraordinary abilities after getting hit by a mystical beam earned her a huge following among children in the ITV program that aired from 1985 to 1987.

Her niece Kate McNeill verified that she passed away.

Aside from Super Gran, Mrs. Ure also participated in various theatrical productions, audio dramas, and different television programs. She even shared the stage with Orson Welles in a theater adaptation of William Shakespeare's Othello back in 1951, which was directed by the renowned Hollywood actor.

According to her niece, she was exceptionally compassionate and took great pleasure in being acknowledged for her most notable performance.

According to her, the actress was happy to hear about the plans to turn the TV show into a new movie when they met in December. During their conversation, she also remembered the appearance of famous individuals like George Best on the program.

Ure made his debut into the world on the 12th of March in 1926 at Milton of Campsie, a locality situated to the north of Glasgow. His loving parents were Allan and Lily Ure.

She was the eldest among three siblings, and had surpassed her two brothers in life.

Even though she had a long-lasting profession, her most well-known character was in her late 50s, when she assumed the role of Super Gran.

The show is centered around Granny Smith, who unexpectedly acquires superhuman abilities from being struck by a mystical beam, as presented in the series of published literature by Forrest Wilson.

Afterwards, she employs her abilities to safeguard the inhabitants of Chiselton against various malevolent individuals, with the most prominent being the cunning Scunner Campbell played by Scottish actor Iain Cuthbertson.

The show had immense popularity and was exported to approximately 60 different nations.

It was bestowed with an International Emmy award in the Children and Young People group in the year 1985.

The show had many different guests, such as Billy Connolly- who even sang the show's theme song! - comedian Spike Milligan, former Doctor Who actor Patrick Troughton, and the strongman champion Geoff Capes.

Ure resided in London for the majority of her existence and embarked on her acting profession primarily in theatre productions catering to young audiences.

During the year 1951, she acted as the character Desdemona alongside famous Hollywood actor Welles in his presentation of Othello. She did this for six whole weeks. Additionally, she recorded her voice for the movie adaptation of the play, providing the speaking voice for actress Suzanne Cloutier, who played the same role.

Starting from the 1950s, she showcased her talent in various movies, broadcasts on television and radio. One of her notable roles was portraying Lady MacBeth in Encyclopaedia Britannica's educational film series. Additionally, she appeared in multiple episodes of Casualty and even portrayed a murder victim in Midsomer Murders.

Her niece said: "She had an unforgettable voice. I recall when my spouse was watching the show Casualty one evening and I immediately recognized it was Gudrun just from hearing her voice."

Ure and John Ramsay were married for more than four decades until John's passing in 2008. Gordon, their stepson, was a part of their family.

She resided in the city of London and passed away in her place of residence.

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