Gladiator 2 trailer: Paul Mescal battles Pedro Pascal in first glimpse of sequel

Gladiator 2

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The hype for the long-awaited Gladiator 2 has reached a fever pitch following the debut of the film's trailer.

Gladiator 2 - Figure 1
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Filmmaker Ridley Scott, who recently released Napoleon, is back to make a sequel to his award-winning epic movie from 2000. The new film will center around the character Lucius, played by Paul Mescal, who is the son of Lucilla, portrayed by Connie Nielsen in the first film.

Mescal, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2022 for Aftersun, has expressed his concern about becoming even more well-known if the new film is successful. However, the Irish actor will have to get ready as the trailer for the movie has just been released.

Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington, and Joseph Quinn from Stranger Things will also be part of the cast, along with Nielsen returning to her role from the first film.

In the preview, Mescal's character is questioned about his birthplace by Macrinus, played by Washington. He answers by saying he never had parents. The trailer also includes shots of the colosseum, flashbacks, and scenes of the Emperor and his supporters planning their actions.

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The movie is described in ads as: "Years pass and Lucius (played by Mescal) must compete in the Colosseum after his home is taken over by cruel Emperors who rule Rome with force, following the death of Maximus, a beloved hero."

Filled with anger and determination, Lucius must delve into his own history to find the courage and integrity needed to restore Rome's greatness for its citizens.

The movie will be coming out in theaters on November 15th of this year.

Russell Crowe said he was not happy about the idea of a sequel to his previous work. He denied rumors that he would make a cameo appearance in a flashback scene.

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"I have no control over it, since I am no longer living," he stated in a conversation with Kyle Meredith, clarifying that he is not impressed with the storyline of the upcoming movie.

I've heard some things that made me think, "That doesn't align with the morals of that character's journey," he explained.

"I can't speak out about it, it's not my position to do so. I'm in a difficult situation. We'll just have to wait and see how it turns out."

When asked if he had discussed the role with Crowe, Mescal, who is 28 years old, responded by saying, "I'm not sure what we would even discuss."

He added, "I am interested in hearing about his experiences on set, but the character is completely distinct."

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