Gladiator 2 trailer causes ridiculous debate among film fans

Gladiator 2

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The new trailer for Gladiator II has caused disagreement among fans because of a minor detail that doesn't actually impact the movie.

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On Tuesday, the much-anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott's acclaimed movie was revealed online. The sneak peek introduced Paul Mescal in the role of Lucius, the son of Lucilla, portrayed by Connie Nielsen in the first film.

Mescal, who was nominated for Best Actor in 2022 for Aftersun, has stated that he will feel very sad if the new movie makes him even more well-known than he already is. However, with the level of excitement surrounding the trailer, it seems like the Irish actor should start getting ready for increased fame.

But when fans watched Mescal and his fellow actors, such as Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington, and Joseph Quinn from Stranger Things, in the movie, they were puzzled by the decision to use the song "No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z and Kanye West in the trailer for the follow-up film.

Lots of people are not happy, saying that it completely destroys the atmosphere. They would have rather listened to some of the music, which is being created by Hans Zimmer.

One person on Twitter questioned how Ridley Scott approved the choice of a very out-of-place song for the Gladiator 2 trailer. Another viewer expressed disbelief that Jay-Z's music was used as the backing song for a movie set in ancient times.

Another person commented: "The music in the Gladiator 2 preview completely ruined the experience for me. Who decided on that song???"

But some people are criticizing these individuals for their grievances by reminding everyone of a small, overlooked fact about the trailer for the first Gladiator movie.

For those who may not remember, the original Gladiator trailer featured the song 'Bawitaba' by Kid Rock. 'No Church in The Wild' would be a great choice for the sequel, Gladiator 2.

Someone else said: "I think Gladiator 2 looks absolutely amazing. I can't understand how anyone could be so upset about the choice of music."

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The summary of the movie says: "After seeing Maximus, a beloved hero, die at the hands of his uncle, Lucius (played by Mescal) is compelled to participate in the Colosseum fights when his home is taken over by the cruel Emperors ruling Rome with a tight grip."

Filled with anger and determination, Lucius must delve into his history to find the courage and integrity needed to restore Rome's greatness and bring pride back to its citizens.

The film's premiere date has been officially announced, and it will hit theaters on November 15th.

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