Wokingham borough film studios used for Hollywood blockbuster Ghostbusters Frozen Empire


The Wokingham borough has contributed to a popular movie that's currently making waves globally. The flick has earned over US$100 million in its debut weekend. The movie includes scenes that were filmed in this particular area.

Last year, Shinfield Studios and Winnersh Studios were used as filming locations for some scenes in Columbia Pictures' Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

Someone speaking on behalf of the Berkshire Film Office informed Wokingham Today that they helped organize the filming of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire in the area, with the assistance of Wokingham Borough Council.

The creation really leveraged the resources of Berkshire, including the settings and nearby facilities like Shinfield Studios and Winnersh Film Studios.

Berkshire is a great place for shooting movies and we are eagerly looking forward to hosting more of such projects.

Nick Smith, who is one of the managing directors of Shinfield Studios, stated that they created the studio with the intention of grabbing the attention of the top film and TV productions from all over the globe.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is an outstanding instance of this.

It was a unique experience to witness the construction of one of the most famous movie locations in our sound stages, conveniently located in Wokingham. But the excitement reached new heights when the Ghostbusters' original cast members appeared to film their parts.

At present, we are in the last phase of building Shinfield Studios and eagerly anticipating the opportunity to present an array of beloved movies to the area.

The CEO of Stage Fifty, James Enright, said that it was amazing to have Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire filmed at their Winnersh Film Studios.

We feel proud of providing an outstanding setting for moviemakers. This shows that our facilities are of high quality and our staff are skilled experts. The Ghostbusters crew decided to use Winnersh Film Studios for their new release due to these reasons.

The latest installment of Ghostbusters, Frozen Empire, just premiered and it features the Spengler family going back to where everything started – the well-known firehouse in New York City. They team up with the first Ghostbusters crew, who have created a classified research lab to advance their ghost-catching techniques.

their community from the overpowering paranormal threat. However, once a long-lost object from the past is uncovered, countless spirits are unleashed and spread a terrifying cold throughout the urban area. The original and current members of the Ghostbusters must unite in order to safeguard their city and rescue their neighbors from the overwhelming supernatural danger.

Protecting the planet from another Ice Age.

The camera crew initially captured broad views of Fifth Avenue in New York, but when things became disorderly, they had to move the filming to the sound stages in Berkshire.

A significant portion of the story unfolds within the confines of the New York firehouse. The production designer, Eve Stewart, along with her team, managed to replicate the complete structure of the three-story firehouse, including the attic, in the Wokingham borough set, which earned her the prestigious BAFTA award.

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