Dave Myers: Praise for 20,000 bikers who rode to Barrow

Dave Myers

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Photo BBC News

Lili Myers stated that her spouse was a resident of Barrow who helped "make the town known."

The police have expressed their appreciation for the 20,000 motorcycle enthusiasts who gathered in the birthplace of Dave Myers, one half of the Hairy Bikers duo, to commemorate him without causing any disturbance.

The famous cook on television passed away in the month of February at the age of 66, shortly after being diagnosed with cancer.

According to the Cumbria Police, there were no apprehensions made on Saturday during the gathering known as "Dave Day".

After an extensive cycling journey from London, Si King from Hairy Bikers spoke to the masses and expressed that his comrade would have been "delighted".

"All of us were crying, nobody had dry eyes," he included, causing a loud round of applause.

The authorities calculated that approximately 20,000 motorcyclists arrived in Barrow-in-Furness.

Lili, the widow of Myers, expressed that her late husband had a strong affection for Barrow and carried it in his heart. He was zealous about making Barrow known to the world, contributing to its acknowledgment and recognition.

"And today, even after his death, he has achieved it once more."

Si King, the co-star of the TV show Hairy Bikers, expressed that the homage done would have made his late friend feel contented.

Supt Andy Wilkinson from the Cumbria Police expressed that the motorcycle procession had a fantastic attendance. The event was well-attended by both local individuals and motorcyclists who came to Barrow to show their support.

We believe that about 20,000 bikers participated and I am glad to announce that there were no significant accidents on the streets.

A lot of preparation happened before yesterday to make certain that everyone who participated remained safe.

I want to express my gratitude to all those who drove safely and cooperated with us and our associates.

Wendy Foster-Robertsm, Gary Wakefield, and Chris Sutton, who are enthusiastic bikers, were dressed in vibrant shirts as a tribute to Myers.

Wendy Gunning, proprietor of a wool store located in the local indoor market, created crochet replicas of pies as a tribute to the chef. These were made available for the purpose of charity sales.

According to her, Dave had been a loyal client for many years and she was acquainted with his relatives. She mentioned that he consistently backed community enterprises.

I knew that Green's Pies were his go-to snack, so I thought it would be a great idea to make some crocheted versions. Meanwhile, my spouse Stephen, who loves to ride motorbikes, headed out to join a ride in Burton-in-Kendal.

According to her, it was a challenge to meet the demand as she managed to sell over 100 items. As a result, she raised a whopping £500 for charity.

All of the earnings are directed to his charitable organizations. He was truly kind and compassionate, which is why I wanted to participate in Dave Day," exclaimed Ms. Gunning.

It's amazing how many individuals have gathered to honor Dave Myers.

Stuart Lawson made a journey from Hartlepool to attend the tribute day with his furry companion, Jinx.

The police in Cumbria requested that drivers be cautious while driving on the county's bustling roads when the extensive group of bikers was returning home.

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