About 20,000 bikers joined ‘remarkable’ Dave Myers tribute ride

Dave Myers

Around 20,000 bikers came together to ride 300 miles from London to Barrow-in-Furness as a show of respect for the recently deceased celebrity chef, Dave Myers.

Myers, who was a member of the popular cooking duo called the Hairy Bikers that rode motorcycles alongside Si King, was born and raised in a town in Cumbria. Unfortunately, on the 28th of February, at 66 years old, he passed away due to cancer.

The police commended the bikers who participated in the march on Saturday, which was referred to as "Dave Day," for their "responsible driving" and reported that there were no detentions.

Supt Andy Wilkinson from Cumbria police mentioned that they believe around 20,000 bikers showed up for the event, and happily, there were no big accidents on the roads. He also warned drivers using the A590 and M6 to be cautious of the large number of bikers who will be traveling back from the event.

The occasion gathered funds for the Institute of Cancer Research situated in London and the NSPCC foundation that supports children. Afterward, a music show and a ceremony took place to honor and commemorate Myers.

After completing the ride, King expressed gratitude towards the enthusiastic audience in Barrow and praised them for making his friend feel proud. He also lauded the procession as an incredibly impressive one. Talking to the BBC, he mentioned how people shown kindness and courtesy by waving their hands throughout the journey from London to Barrow-in-Furness, especially on the over-bridges. The response was unbelievable, he added.

According to sources, the procession of bikes had an estimated distance of approximately 16 miles between the leading biker and the last to arrive. Many witnesses were left in awe of the “completely remarkable spectacle”. A person who witnessed the event shared with BBC North East and Cumbria that it took around 90 minutes for all the bikes to pass them, from the start of the group to the very end.

Several bikers from northern London donned colorful Hawaiian shirts to pay tribute to Myers' vibrant fashion sense. King remarked that everyone had adopted Dave's fashion style, which included wearing ostentatious shirts.

He referred to the day as a “festivity to honor Dave’s existence”. Meanwhile, Lili Myers, the surviving spouse of Dave, expressed that “Dave Day” was supporting her in coping with her grief. “It gives me a sense of comfort to know that I’m not alone in dealing with all of this,” she shared prior to the gathering.

Afterwards, she delivered a moving address to the masses in Barrow: "Dave always had a deep attachment to Barrow. He cherished this town and aspired to bring it recognition. And now, even after his passing, he has accomplished just that."

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