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Brittany Mahomes And Patrick Mahomes Pose With Super Bowl Trophy - 'Three Times!'

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On Sunday, Brittany Mahomes displayed her unwavering support as a wife.

The Texan celebrity, who is 28 years old, was spotted taking pictures with her partner Patrick Mahomes after he guided the Kansas City Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl LVIII played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

On Monday morning, the lady who is a mother of two shared pictures that showcase her and the two kids holding the highly sought-after Super Bowl trophy.

They both grasped the hefty trophy and gave it a smooch.

She wore a corset top without sleeves and combined it with a pair of glossy cargo pants that match. The retired soccer player displayed a big number "15" on her pants, which matches her husband's jersey number.

Patrick was wearing his game jersey and placed a CHAMPIONS hat on top of his distinctive red headband.

Brittany's caption only consisted of the phrase 'Three Times,' while Patrick grinned and indicated the trophy.

On Sunday, Brittany Mahomes showed great support for her husband Patrick Mahomes. He helped lead the Kansas City Chiefs to a remarkable victory at Allegiant Stadium during Super Bowl LVIII. It was a heartwarming sight to see Brittany cheering on her husband. The next day, she posted several pictures on social media of her and Patrick holding the coveted Super Bowl trophy. It's clear that both husband and wife share a deep love and admiration for each other.

Additionally, she was observed taking pictures with her and Patrick's offspring. Their daughter, Sterling, will soon be three years old, and their son, Bronze, is 15 months old.

In contrast to the appearance of the famous singer's Oops!...I Did It Again, the football player sat next to her brother-in-law Jackson Mahomes instead of attending the game with her newfound friend Taylor Swift. The football player's golden hair was styled with elaborate, lively curls.

She wore a pair of white booties with pointed toes to match her fiery red appearance.

She also toted a see-through crystal handbag to add more style to her appearance.

She adorned herself with different kinds of jewelry such as her marriage band, delicate bracelets piled one on top of the other, and several necklaces. One of her necklaces was a chain that had the names of her spouse and their two offspring.

She had a makeup look that resembled the style of the Princess of Pop. Her eyes were adorned with a pastel eyeshadow, her cheeks with a generous amount of pink blush, and her lips with a shiny pink gloss.

Brittany's children were also attired to exhibit and endorse their celebrity quarterback dad.

She wore a top with no sleeves that was made in a corset style. She paired it with cargo pants that were also shiny and matched the color of the top. One of the legs on the pants had a big number 15 on it, which was the same number as her husband's jersey. This woman used to play soccer professionally but is now famous for other things.

Patrick was wearing the jersey from the game while he put on a CHAMPIONS hat on top of his red headband. Brittany's caption only said 'Three Times'. Patrick smiled and pointed to the trophy.

Brittany and Patrick are standing on the field alongside their two beloved pets, Sterling and Bronze, in the aftermath of a major victory.

Sterling donned a denim outfit that had a collar and the name 'Mahomes' imprinted at the back.

The digit 15 was situated on the pocket at the front.

The young Bronze donned a sweater that had sleeves extending to the wrist, and it bore the numerical identification of their father.

I also saw a set of dark denim pants with the words 'Go Daddy' and 'Mahomes' written on them.

Brittany and Patrick were accompanied by Sterling and Bronze during the Super Bowl trophy ceremony while on the field.

Earlier, Brittany was spotted on the field clutching onto her glistening handbag.

She was dressed similarly to Britney Spears' famous appearance in the music video for Oops!...I Did It Again.

She was also spotted taking pictures with her and Patrick's two kids - a girl named Sterling who is almost three years old and a boy named Bronze who is 15 months old.

Before taking her seat to watch the game with her brother-in-law, she was seen greeting the Chiefs fans and waving at them in the stands.

Brittany and Patrick started dating in March 2012.

They got married in March of the year 2022.

She adorned herself with beautiful jewelry, including her cherished wedding ring, multiple delicate bracelets, and numerous necklaces. One of these necklaces was a special chain that had the names of her spouse and their two children engraved on it.

Brittany's children were also attired to show their love and endorsement for their dad, who's the star quarterback. Sterling donned a smart denim dress with a collar, with the name 'Mahomes' inscribed on the back and the number 15 on the front pocket.

Baby Bronze donned a lengthy garment with full sleeves showing off their dad's number. They paired it with black denim pants, imprinted with 'Go Daddy' and 'Mahomes.'

Brittany and Patrick have been in a relationship since March of 2012. They recently got married in March of 2022.

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