Brittany Mahomes looks like Britney Spears in racy red PVC look as she brings kids to cheer on...

Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes Donning Red PVC At Super Bowl To Support Hubby Patrick Mahomes & Kids

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Brittany Mahomes wore a fully red latex outfit that was inspired by Britney Spears to support the Kansas City Chiefs at the Super Bowl LVIII held at the Allegiant Stadium on Sunday.

The wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is 28 years old, was looking fashionable and trendy. She wore a corset top without sleeves and paired it with shiny cargo pants that matched.

She displayed the number '15' prominently on her pant leg, which corresponded to the number on her husband's jersey.

She was spotted on the side taking pictures with her and Patrick's two kids - their daughter Sterling who's almost three years old, and their 15-month-old son Bronze.

In contrast to the appearance of the famous singer in Oops!...I Did It Again, the footballer chose to sit with her brother-in-law Jackson Mahomes, rather than joining her new buddy Taylor Swift to watch the game. She opted for a sophisticated hairstyle, sporting luscious, curly blonde tresses.

On Sunday, Brittany Mahomes showed her support for the Kansas City Chiefs at the Super Bowl by wearing an eye-catching outfit made entirely of red latex. Prior to the game, the 28-year-old spouse of Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, was seen modeling a corset top that didn't have sleeves alongside a pair of dazzling cargo pants that matched her top.

Her attire reminded me of Britney Spears' famous appearance in her Oops!...I Did It Again music video.

While not actively participating, she was observed taking snapshots with her two kids, Sterling and Bronze, who belong to her and Patrick. Sterling is almost three years old, while Bronze is 15 months old.

To complement her fiery appearance, she wore a set of white boots with pointed toes.

Additionally, she brought a transparent crystal handbag to enhance her appearance.

She adorned herself with some pieces of jewelry such as her wedding band, multiple delicate bracelets, and a number of necklaces. Among them, there was a necklace made of a chain with the names of her spouse and their offspring.

She appeared to have taken inspiration from the Princess of Pop for her makeup, with a beautiful pastel eyeshadow, plenty of rose-colored blush, and a shiny pink lip.

Brittany's children were also clothed to display and endorse their famous quarterback dad.

Sterling dressed in a denim outfit that had a collar. The back of the outfit had 'Mahomes' written on it, and there was also the number 15 on the front pocket.

The little kid known as Baby Bronze donned a sweater with long sleeves that had the number of their pops and sported a pair of black denim pants that had the messages 'Go Daddy' and 'Mahomes' printed on them.

Prior to settling into her spot alongside her brother-in-law to take in the game, she was seen greeting fans of the Kansas City Chiefs by gesturing with her hand.

Brittany and Patrick have been in a romantic relationship since March 2012 and got married in March 2022.

In terms of accessories, she adorned herself with her wedding band, several delicate bangles, and multiple necklaces. Among the latter accessories was a strand featuring a chain adorned with the names of her spouse and their two offspring.

. Meanwhile, Patrick's younger brother Jackson opted for a black t-shirt with 'Mahomes' and 15 written in white letters. Both kids were eager to show their love and enthusiasm for their father's talents on the football field. Brittany's children were all decked out to show their backing for their superstar quarterback dad. Sterling strutted in a chic denim dress with a sharp collar, and the name 'Mahomes' emblazoned across the back, coupled with his jersey number '15' stashed in the front pocket. On the other hand, Patrick's younger bro Jackson chose a classy black tee with the name 'Mahomes' and '15' strategically written in white print. The little ones were ecstatic to showcase their admiration and excitement for their dad's unmatched talent and skills on the football pitch.

The little bronze baby was dressed in a sweater with long sleeves. The sweater had the number of their father, and they also wore black jeans with the words 'Go Daddy' and 'Mahomes'.

Brittany and Patrick got married in March 2022, after being in a relationship since March 2012.

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