T20 World Cup State of Play: All the scenarios and every side's path to second round

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As of now, no team has secured a spot in the second round of the tournament. However, only one team has been eliminated from contention based on mathematical calculations. With several crucial matches remaining, every team is fighting for the much-needed victories to advance to the next round. Here's a rundown on each team's current position.

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Following a speedy and intense beginning to the 20-over display, it is now time to pause and relax.

The T20I World Cup for men organized by ICC has been highly successful due to several reasons such as the emergence of new talents, skilled and experienced players dominating the matches, exciting games ending in Super Overs, and unexpected outcomes that shook things up.

As we approach another exciting round of T20I matches, let's evaluate and determine the current standings of each team.

The Indian bowlers excelled in a nail-biting match with a low score in New York.

Status Of ICC Men's T20 World Cup

We're going to go over every group and figure out which teams are almost guaranteed to make it to the next round, as well as evaluate which teams still need to put in more effort.

There are five teams participating in the tournament which are India, United States, Canada, Pakistan, and Ireland.

India has a 1.455 Net Run Rate (NRR), which earns them 4 points in the competition.

With a perfect record of two wins out of two games and a favorable net run rate, India seems to be in a good position to move on to the next round in the tournament. If they manage to secure a win against either USA or Canada, they will most likely secure their place as one of the top contenders in the tournament.

The United States cricket team currently holds a score of 4 points and a Net Run Rate (NRR) of 0.626.

The USA has had an interesting journey so far. After a flawless beginning, the team will probably only need to win one more game to move forward. Their next opponent is India on June 12 in New York, and then they'll face off against Ireland in Florida. The match against Ireland is essential for both teams. It will be a thrilling game that could determine their fates.

Canada is not doing very well in the current cricket tournament as their net run rate is -0.274 which puts them at a disadvantage.

After losing to USA in the first game, the Canadian team made a comeback by defeating Ireland with a wide margin of 12 runs. This victory has helped them to stay competitive in the tournament. Their next game against Pakistan is crucial and they will need to get a win if they hope to advance in the tournament.

Pakistan had a disappointing match with a score of zero points and a negative net run rate of -0.150.

Every nail-biting and unexpected victory has a downside, which is currently the situation of Pakistan. They have suffered two defeats in the tournament, which means they have to win against Canada and Ireland. Not only that, but they also need to improve their net run rate of -0.150. Additionally, they have to rely on either India or the USA to slip up if they want to progress.

Ireland has not scored any points so far in the tournament and has a negative net run rate of -1.712.

Ireland is in a precarious position and needs to win against both USA and Pakistan. Additionally, they will need favorable outcomes from other matches to continue onward.

Group of Countries: Scotland, Australia, Namibia, England, Oman

Scotland's cricket team has a five-point score and a net run rate of 2.164.

Even though the match between all the teams from the United Kingdom in Barbados ended in a draw, the Scottish team has managed to secure the top spot in Group B with victories over Namibia and Oman. They might have already qualified for the next round, but a triumph over Australia on June 15 would ensure their spot. In case the Australian team secures the victory, there is still a slim possibility for England or Namibia to catch up and qualify.

Australia currently has 4 points with a net run rate of 1.875.

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The Australians have won their first two games and are showing their strength, particularly with their impressive triumph over the English team. If they secure another win, they will be in a good position to advance to the second round.

The country of Namibia has been awarded 2 points and holds a negative net run rate of -0.309 in the cricket tournament.

Namibia is still in the race in Group B, despite some mixed results thus far. However, the road ahead is not going to be easy, as they will be facing formidable opponents like Australia and England in their upcoming fixtures. These matches were probably marked in bold on the African team's calendar as soon as the grouping was announced, and now they loom even larger as crucial battles for their success in the tournament.

England (1 point | –1.800 net run rate)

England is currently in a challenging position in Group B as they are in fourth place with only one point. To have a chance of advancing, they must win their upcoming matches against Oman and Namibia. Additionally, they need other match results to work in their favor. Their best chance is to improve their -1.800 net run rate and hope that the Australia-Scotland match goes well for them. It's a tough situation, but England is not giving up hope just yet.

Groupings: Afghanistan, West Indies, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand

Groups C and D haven't played much cricket yet, which implies that there's a lot more cricket left to be played. However, here's a rundown of the current status.

Afghanistan (4 points | 5.225 Net Run Rate)

Afghanistan proved themselves to be serious competitors in the tournament by defeating New Zealand. They have won two matches and their net run rate surpasses all the other teams in their group. Although Afghanistan has a strong position to advance to the next stage, securing a victory against either PNG or the West Indies, who are hosting, will guarantee their spot.

The West Indies cricket team currently has four points on the scoreboard and a net run rate of 3.574.

The West Indies team has been playing really well, defeating both Papua New Guinea and Uganda. However, the team will need to defeat either New Zealand or Afghanistan in order to advance in the tournament. Their next game is against New Zealand on June 12 in Trinidad and Tobago.

In Uganda's cricket team, they have a negative net run rate of -4.217, which has resulted in them losing two points.

Uganda has achieved their first triumph in the T20 World Cup, which is a satisfying accomplishment. However, they currently only have one victory out of three matches, so their prospects of progressing are low. In order to increase their chances, they would have to beat New Zealand by a significant amount and hope that other outcomes align favorably for them.

Papua New Guinea, located at coordinates of 0 points and a negative 0.434 NRR, is discussed in this blog section.

PNG is unlikely to progress past the Group stage after their loss to Uganda in a crucial match. They still have Afghanistan and New Zealand to face and will focus on disrupting their opponents' game plans while also gaining valuable experience.

The cricket team of New Zealand is currently at the bottom of the table with zero points and a negative net run rate of 4.200.

The New Zealand team has only participated in one game and they will want to move on from it rapidly. The defeat to Afghanistan was quite severe and may be detrimental to their prospects, unless they can win their remaining three games against the West Indies, Uganda, and Papua New Guinea, which is not impossible. The match against the West Indies is highly important for New Zealand's chances of advancing from Group C.

The groups consist of the following countries: South Africa, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

South Africa has earned a total of six points in the tournament, with a net run rate (NRR) of 0.603.

The South African cricket team got off to a great start by beating Sri Lanka, which was a really important victory. They then had a close match against the Netherlands, but managed to win. In their next game against Bangladesh, their bowling was fantastic and they won again in a very close game. This puts them very close to qualifying for the next stage.

Bangladesh has earned two points with a net run rate of 0.075.

The Tigers started off their Group D campaign by narrowly defeating Sri Lanka, which helped them secure the second spot in the standings. Although they came close to grabbing a victory against South Africa in New York, they ultimately missed the chance. However, they are still in a good position to qualify for the next round. As long as Sri Lanka doesn't catch up, Bangladesh only needs to defeat their main rivals Netherlands in their upcoming match to advance. Alternatively, winning against Nepal in their final game could also secure them a spot based on their net run rate.

Check out the full match recap of the Bangladesh-South Africa showdown in New York.

The Netherlands scored 2 points with a Net Run Rate (NRR) of 0.024.

The Netherlands are in a tough spot, needing to win against both Bangladesh and probably also Nepal to advance further in the tournament. Despite the challenge, there's an opportunity for the Dutch to progress if they can pull it off.

Nepal had a disappointing performance in the cricket match, earning zero points and a negative net run rate of -0.539.

Even though Nepal lost to the Netherlands, they still have three more matches left to play. This means they have a chance to turn things around. However, it looks like Group D is shaping up to be a challenging one, so Nepal will have to win all three matches to advance, which is not an easy feat as they are expected to be the weaker team in each game.

SRI LANKA (0 marks | –0.777 net run rate)

If you are determined, you can always find a way. Sri Lanka is aiming to attain significant victories against Nepal and the Netherlands. Following that, they need offbeat luck- they must perform a rain dance in Saint Vincent and keep their fingers crossed that the Bangladesh-Netherlands cricket match on June 13 ends in a draw. Is the goal far-fetched?

Former cricketer Ricky Ponting has made a prediction about who will be the top scorer in the T20 World Cup that will take place in West Indies and USA in the year 2024.

The World Cup will have another game on Tuesday. Pakistan and Canada will compete against each other in New York. The game will start at 10:30am according to the local time.

The ICC Men's T20 World Cup event for the year 2024 has been announced.

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