Looking to the future on World Prematurity Day - 17 November 2023

World Prematurity Day 2023

On the 17th of November 2023, Switzerland experienced a significant event.

Today is a special day for me every year - November 17, 2023, World Prematurity Day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness about premature birth and its effects on families. As the mother of a premature baby who was born after 30 weeks and required six weeks of outstanding care in the Neonatal unit at our community hospital, this cause is very important to me. Thankfully, my child is now five years old and healthy.

It's fantastic to learn that Pregnolia, a Swiss MedTech firm, has acquired CHF 2.2 Million to enhance their device for diagnosing premature birth. Their device aims to decrease the amount of premature births and boost maternal health by conducting routine pregnancy checkups.

Earlier this year, WHO released a report titled "Born Too Soon - Decade of action on preterm birth". The report highlights innovation as a crucial aspect of addressing premature birth rates and enhancing outcomes for affected individuals. It is our hope that more MedTech companies will place greater emphasis on this significant and potentially life-saving field in the years ahead.

The money is set aside for developing the Pregnolia tool, which was initially created to detect early birth dangers, into a complete diagnosis system. Additionally, the funds will back the company's vital entrance into the American market as it continues to progress maternal healthcare solutions.

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