Who were the World Central Kitchen workers killed in Gaza?

World Central Kitchen

The video by WCK featured Lalzawmi "Zomi" Frankcom, an aid worker from Australia, who unfortunately lost her life in Gaza. She can be seen in the footage.

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On Tuesday, the founder of the World Central Kitchen (WCK) announced that seven people providing assistance for them were tragically killed during an airstrike launched by Israel in Gaza.

According to WCK, the individuals affected by the incident were composed of British, Polish, Australian and Palestinian nationals. Additionally, a person who holds both US and Canadian citizenship was also involved.

A BBC reporter stationed in Gaza has witnessed the corpses of four individuals, including three humanitarian workers hailing from Australia, Poland, and the UK alongside a Palestinian member of the team. The reporter has confirmed these details with certainty.

The leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has admitted that the Israeli armed forces mistakenly harmed "uninvolved individuals". He labeled it as a distressing and accidental occurrence.

He said in a video recording that such incidents occur during times of war and that they are investigating the matter thoroughly. He emphasized that they are in touch with the respective governments and are committed to taking all necessary steps to prevent such occurrences in the future.

This is the information we have gathered about the relief workers who lost their lives.

In a statement, the family of Ms. Frankcom has expressed that she passed away "while engaged in a profession that she dearly loved."

The person who provided assistance from Melbourne, Australia was praised for being a "compassionate, generous, and exceptional individual [who] journeyed around the globe to assist those who required aid".

According to them, she will be remembered for her kindness, courage, and affection towards everyone in her circle.

In the previous month, WCK uploaded a footage on X social media platform, showcasing Ms Frankcom's presence at their newly established kitchen in Deir al-Balah, which is situated in the center of Gaza.

According to Dora Weekley, a former colleague of WCK and a friend, Ms. Frankcom was a very committed person who ensured that individuals who required it would receive a hot meal to anticipate daily.

Ms. Weekley and Ms. Frankcom first crossed paths in 2019 while providing assistance in response to Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. They collaborated once again during the summer months amidst the bushfires in Australia.

Check out this recorded video from the archives, featuring Damian Soból detailing how he loaded trucks with "pots that were all set to prepare 20,000 meals."

The death of Mr Sobol has been confirmed by Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski.

One of our courageous countrymen, Mr. Damian Sobol of Przemysl, rendered aid to those suffering in Gaza, where there is a pressing humanitarian crisis. Unfortunately, he lost his life in an attack that the Israeli military has admitted to carrying out," stated the individual in a recorded message on X. Previously, he had made a post stating that he had requested an immediate clarification from the Israeli ambassador regarding the strike.

On a particular day, Polish President named Andrzej Duda mentioned that he had received heartbreaking news about the fatalities of WCK volunteers, which includes a citizen from Poland.

He stated that these courageous individuals have made a significant impact on the world through their commitment and selflessness. It is unacceptable that this terrible event occurred and we need to understand why it happened.

The city's mayor shared a post on Facebook stating that Mr Sobol, who is from Przemysl in the south-eastern region of Poland, was recognized.

Wojciech Bakun expressed that Mr Sobol was an exceptional young man and that it was difficult to express the emotions that those who knew him were experiencing.

Mr Sobol's coworkers have shared on social media that he was involved in providing assistance to Ukrainian refugees following the complete invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

The photo was taken by the Wafa news agency.

A large number of individuals came together to express their grief over the loss of Saif Abu Taha, who worked as a driver for World Central Kitchen.

People who were grieving came together in Rafah, which is located in Gaza, on Tuesday to lay the Palestinian driver who died in the attack to rest.

Many individuals grieved the loss of Saif Abu Taha. His remains were taken to Rafah, the place where he grew up. Residents, co-workers, and buddies held him up high on their shoulders as a sign of respect and fondness.

The picture is courtesy of Saif Abu Taha.

. Nine weeks ago, Saif Abu Taha (L) shared a self-portrait with Damian Sobol (R) on the social media platform Instagram.

"Saif's passing has left us feeling heartbroken. It's truly a painful loss. He was pleased to be collaborating with an institution that offers relief aid to those who have been displaced," Hassan mournfully expressed as tears streamed down his face, mixed with a combination of emotions including sadness and anger.

Your departure has caused us pain, and we will always remember you. Saif, we hope for your forgiveness, and we ask that God grants us and your dear ones endurance during this difficult time.

UK And North American Dual Citizens

Three people with British citizenship lost their lives in the assault.

According to the BBC, it has been confirmed that the individuals who lost their lives in the attack were John Chapman, James Henderson and James Kirby, all of whom were aid workers from the UK.

On Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had a conversation with Mr Netanyahu. According to Downing Street, the prime minister expressed his shock at the incident and urged for a comprehensive and open investigation into their passing.

Earlier, it was mentioned by Mr. Sunak that he was deeply disturbed and grieved by the incident and he conveyed his sympathies to the companions and kin of the individuals who lost their lives. Furthermore, he highlighted that the charities providing assistance to the affected individuals should be acknowledged and admired for their efforts. He emphasized that these charitable organizations should be allowed to carry out their work without any unnecessary hindrance.

According to WCK, one of the individuals who lost their life was a citizen of both the United States and Canada.

The Secretary of State for the United States, Anthony Blinken, referred to the aid service providers as "heroes" who were just attempting to assist their fellow humans.

He informed that Washington had communicated directly with the Israeli authorities and requested "a prompt, complete, and unbiased inquiry to comprehend precisely what took place".

The Canadian Foreign Minister, Mélanie Joly, expressed her support for a thorough investigation of the incident and stated that she was deeply disturbed by the attack.

She expressed on a particular day that it is completely unacceptable to attack individuals who work in the humanitarian field.

Many Aid Workers Killed In Gaza Conflict

Since October, over 196 aid workers have lost their lives in Gaza, as reported by the Aid Worker Security Database - an organization that documents significant cases of violence inflicted upon aid workers and is funded by the United States.

The majority of individuals who have lost their lives during the past six months as a result of the ongoing war were employees of UNRWA, an agency specifically created for Palestinian refugees. UNRWA is responsible for managing the most extensive humanitarian relief program in Gaza.

Hamas initiated an attack on the southern region of Israel on October 7th which resulted in the loss of around 1,200 lives and the capture of 253 hostages. Presently, approximately 130 hostages have not yet been freed, with an estimated 34 individuals assumed to have lost their lives.

According to the health ministry operated by Hamas, a large number of female and young individuals have lost their lives in Gaza. The figure of fatalities has reached up to 32,916 since then.

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