Man charged with 'voyeurism' at Taylor Swift's Murrayfield show in Edinburgh


A man who is 64 years old is facing charges of voyeurism as he allegedly attempted to watch Taylor Swift's show in Edinburgh.

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The famous American performer held The Eras Tour in the United Kingdom and had shows at Murrayfield in Edinburgh throughout the weekend - on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Scottish police have stated that they made an arrest at the stadium during the three occasions.

The head of the police force, David Happs, stated that a guy who's 64 years old got arrested due to a voyeurism crime committed at Murrayfield on the 8th of June.

"He was granted a promise to show up at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on a future occasion."

In simple terms, voyeurism is when someone gains gratification by observing or taking pictures or videos of individuals engaging in activities that are typically kept private. This is considered illegal if it's done without the consent of the person being watched.

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Countless supporters of the vocalist - recognized as Swifties - arrived at the rugby arena for the performance that had completely sold out.

Devotees journeyed from all corners of the world to catch a glimpse of their beloved star, hailing from countries such as the United States, Canada, Iceland, and Germany.

The fans, who faced the unpredictable Scottish weather, received a cordial greeting in Edinburgh. The city provided an abundance of activities and goodies in honor of Swift.

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On Monday, Swift took to Instagram and expressed, "Edinburgh! Your overwhelming display of talent truly impressed me this past weekend."

We appreciate you for achieving the highest attendance ever recorded for a stadium event in Scotland for three consecutive times and for the hospitality you showed us, which made us feel welcome.

"I have affection for each and every one of my 220,000 followers!"

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Throughout the performances, the acclaimed performer who writes and sings songs was aided by the American rock group known as Paramore.

The next location where Swift will showcase her performance is the Anfield Stadium situated in Liverpool. The performance is scheduled for three consecutive days, starting from Thursday, Friday, to Saturday. After Liverpool, her performances will be held in other locations across the UK such as Cardiff and London.

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