Vodafone and EE down: Calls and texts not working amid issues at UK phone networks

Vodafone and EE down: Calls and texts not working amid issues at UK phone networks

EE seems to be facing a technical problem that is preventing its customers from receiving phone calls and text messages.

The issues result in Vodafone users as well as individuals using other service providers being unable to make calls to phone numbers associated with EE. Additionally, these problems prevent individuals from contacting those who have transferred their phone numbers from EE to other networks in the past – irrespective of whether they are still subscribed to EE or not.

Vodafone had received specific grievances on Down Detector and similar monitoring portals, while EE indicated that the difficulties mainly pertained to phone calls originating from that particular network. However, Vodafone stated that its own network was fully functional and attributed the problem to issues within EE's infrastructure.

Vodafone has stated that there were no problems with their network today. However, they have acknowledged that some of their customers were affected by an issue with the EE network. Vodafone has been informed that this problem will be resolved as soon as possible. Consequently, some customers were unable to make calls to EE numbers. Furthermore, this issue also affected customers who had previously switched their numbers from EE to Vodafone.

According to EE, the problem was specifically connected to Vodafone phone numbers. They mentioned that calls from different networks were anticipated to function properly.

"We understand that a few of our cellular clients are experiencing difficulty in placing or receiving phone calls from a Vodafone number," EE stated. "We are actively working on a rapid solution for this issue and deeply apologize for any disruption caused. Rest assured, calls to other networks, mobile data, and text messaging services remain unaffected."

The extent of the issue's impact on Vodafone users alone was uncertain. Certain individuals using Virgin Mobile, O2, and Three reported encountering difficulties when placing phone calls.

Mobile devices didn't necessarily have to remain connected to EE in order to experience call reception issues. This is due to the way transferred phone numbers function within the UK phone system. Even if a phone number is switched to a different network, it retains the initial prefix that designates its association with the previous network. Consequently, any calls made to that number are momentarily routed through the infrastructure of the old network, potentially causing complications for customers who have already switched to other providers.

Problems arose during the early afternoon on Monday in the United Kingdom, as users reported encountering a variety of peculiar difficulties. A few Vodafone subscribers claimed they were able to make calls to fellow users within the same network, but were unable to connect with individuals using different service providers.

Across various networks, it seemed that data and internet connections were operating without any issues.

In the Twitter sphere, Vodafone's initial reaction to impacted users was to express regret and request additional details. The company urged affected users to consult its online service checker, which displayed indications of issues in certain regions.

Subsequent posts on Twitter shared by Vodafone implied that the problem might be due to a "EE network glitch impacting phone calls and text messages". However, numerous Vodafone customers also expressed difficulties in reaching out to other mobile networks like Three.

According to the mentioned website, the issues were reported on Down Detector website, and they were widespread throughout the United Kingdom. Particular regions like London, Manchester, and Edinburgh faced significant disruptions. However, it is possible that this occurred due to the concentration of customers in these areas.

Vodafone boasts a whopping 18 million clientele in the United Kingdom, encompassing both their mobile and fixed-line services. In terms of size, it ranks as the third largest mobile provider in the UK, falling behind O2 and EE.

The merging of a moderately sized UK mobile network, Three, is presently underway. The companies have stated that the deal, anticipated to occur in 2024 if approved, will bring about improved coverage and reliability as one of its advantages.

When that agreement was made public, experts pointed out that both companies were "falling behind in terms of internet performance for both broadband and mobile services".

Vodafone recently faced new problems following a major service disruption in April. This incident resulted in the loss of internet connectivity for their residential broadband users. However, Vodafone assured that this outage only affected a small fraction, accounting for just one percent, of its valued customers.

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