Fury vs Usyk: Fight date, UK time, location, undercard, ring walk, odds and how to watch with Sky Sports


On Saturday, Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are set to meet in an eagerly-awaited bout that will see the crowning of the first heavyweight champion without dispute since way back in 1999. To help you prepare for this highly-anticipated event, here's everything you need to know about the Sky Sports Box Office showdown.

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When Will Fury Fight Usyk?

Fury and Usyk are scheduled to face each other in a 12-round heavyweight bout on Saturday, May 18. The main event is anticipated to begin at 11pm in the United Kingdom and 1am on Sunday, May 19 in Saudi Arabia.

The broadcast of the pre-show will commence at 4pm in the United Kingdom on the Sky Sports Box Office channel. It will feature a series of preliminary matches for two consecutive hours which will be aired on Sky Sports Action starting from 4pm.

Where's The Location Of Usyk-Fury Bout?

The upcoming conflict is scheduled to happen at the Kingdom Arena situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This arena previously hosted a massive heavyweight combat between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou in March 2024.

"Booking A Flight: Cost And Process?"

Sky customers in the UK can attend the event for a fee of £24.95. Whereas for Sky (and Virgin Media) customers residing in the Republic of Ireland, the fee is €27.95. This price is valid till Friday May 17th until midnight.

Afterwards, there will be a charge of £24.95/€27.95 for all bookings made through the self-service options, such as online or remote control. If you choose to book via phone, either through an IVR or agent, the fee will be £29.95/€32.95. However, if you book through an agent, there will be an extra £2 booking fee added to your total.

On midnight of Saturday, May 18, the cost of the event will go back to its original amount of £24.95/€27.95 (ROI).

Who's Fighting On Fury-Usyk Undercard?

Joe Cordina, who has never lost a fight, will be defending his IBF super-featherweight championship against Anthony Cacace. Cordina has won all 17 of his fights, with no losses or draws, and nine of those wins being knockouts. Cacace, on the other hand, has a total of 21 wins, one loss, and no draws, with seven knockouts under his belt.

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When And Where: Fury-Usyk Weigh-in And Press Conference

Fury and Usyk will have their conferences with the press prior to the fight on May 16 at 7 pm in the UK.

The weight measurement will occur at the identical time starting from Friday, May 17.

You have the opportunity to view both preliminary events in real-time on Sky Sports.

"Fury Vs Usyk: Fight Histories"

Fury holds the title of the WBC heavyweight champion at present. In his previous match, Fury managed to emerge victorious by a small margin after falling to the mat earlier, against the former UFC champion Ngannou in his very first professional fight.

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Usyk is still unbeaten in his professional career and hasn't lost since he changed from cruiserweight, where he was the undisputed champ. Joshua was comfortably defeated in two heavyweight bouts by the Ukrainian in September 2021 and August 2022. In his previous match, Usyk held on to his IBF, WBA, and WBO world heavyweight championship titles by stopping Daniel Dubois in the ninth round.

"Fury's Pro Boxing Stats"

Stats Of Pro Boxer Oleksandr Usyk

Odds And Predictions For Fury Vs. Usyk

According to Sky Bet, Tyson Fury is the favourite to win with odds of 5/6. He has a 3/1 chance of winning through knockout or technical knockout and a 7/4 chance of winning by decision. On the other hand, Usyk has even odds of winning. He has a 4/1 chance of winning through knockout and a 2/1 chance of winning by split decision. The possibility of a draw is 14/1.

(The probabilities on May 8) On May 8, the odds were calculated for certain events. These odds were based on the likelihood of the events occurring. The odds can be seen as a way to understand the probability of an outcome. In this case, the probabilities were measured for specific events that could happen. The calculations were done using various factors, including past data and current trends. Based on these factors, the probabilities were determined. This information can be useful for those who want to make predictions or decisions based on the likelihood of certain events happening.

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"Preview Of The Fight: Anticipation Worldwide"

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This isn't about personal feelings. It's a purely professional matter for both competitors. There's a significant amount at stake, but I don't have any ill will towards my opponent. I have admiration for him as a person and as a fellow athlete. One can't help but acknowledge his impressive accomplishments. He has held both the unified heavyweight and undisputed cruiserweight titles.

In my opinion, I am superior. I'm only sticking up for my greatness in comparison to his. Boxing has different weight classes for a purpose. When cruisers compete with heavyweights, they usually fall short in their abilities. While they could defeat the average heavyweight boxers, they cannot surpass the elite ones simply because size is a significant component. These theories can be proven.

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The promoter of Oleksandr Usyk, Alexander Krassyuk, stated:

This is the most important fight ever. Everyone is anticipating it. We should hope for Tyson's success and eagerly await his entrance to the ring.

Let me share with you what sets Usyk apart from other boxers. Some say it's his secret weapon, but in reality it's not so secretive. He excels due to a combination of his sharp mind, courageous heart, years of experience, and boxing prowess. However, what truly distinguishes him from Tyson Fury and other fighters is his unwavering discipline. This trait is the cornerstone of his greatness and is considered his most formidable weapon in the ring.

This is a significant sporting event that many people are looking forward to. On Saturday May 18th, Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are going to fight for the undisputed world heavyweight championship. The fight will be broadcasted live on Sky Sports Box Office, so make sure to book it in advance.

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