Usain Bolt reveals he suffered a ruptured achilles at Soccer Aid... after the eight-time Olympic...

Usain Bolt

"Usain Bolt's Achilles Rupture During Soccer Aid At Stamford Bridge"

Released: 12:53 AM GMT, June 10, 2024 | Updated: 2:05 AM GMT, June 10, 2024

During Soccer Aid, Usain Bolt was carried out on a stretcher and later shared that he experienced a tear in his achilles tendon.

Bolt led the team of players selected by Mauricio Pochettino in the friendly charity match held at Stamford Bridge with the purpose of raising money for UNICEF.

Prior to the match, England had lost in the previous five Soccer Aid contests. However, they began the game on Sunday with a superb kick-off when Joe Cole scored a fantastic goal to give them an advantage.

However, Bolt did not have to endure a long wait before he made his initial impact on the game.

As he was moving towards the goal, the 37-year-old was suddenly tackled fiercely by Danny Dyer, an actor, on the boundary of the penalty area.

The great athlete Usain Bolt suffered a serious injury to his achilles tendon while serving as the captain of the World XI team during the Soccer Aid competition.

Bolt seemed to be feeling uncomfortable while playing the game but he was determined to continue playing.

Eden Hazard took the free-kick that followed and equalized for the World XI team. His shot was a brilliant curling strike that went past David James while he was moving in the wrong direction.

Once more, Bolt took charge of the situation and skillfully maneuvered inside the penalty area to create an opportunity for Alessandro Del Piero, who successfully scored from a short distance.

Despite facing tough opposition, England managed to hold their ground. Jack Wilshere made a remarkable effort, leading to Ellen White displaying her natural striker abilities, proving that she still has what it takes even after retiring. This momentous occasion marked the first time a female athlete has ever scored a goal in the tournament's history.

During half-time, famous goalkeepers were presented and soon afterward, the teams immediately evaluated their abilities. One of the Dragons Den personalities, Steven Bartlett, contributed to scoring a point for England, bringing the score to 3-2.

Towards the end of the game, Bolt seemed to be experiencing some discomfort due to an injury. However, he gestured to his team's bench to show his determination to keep playing.

During the second half of the match, England kept gaining strength and Jermain Defoe made a quick dash forward while Bolt fell back in an attempt to stop the former English football player.

Yet, just as he was about to take action, Bolt suddenly fell to the ground holding his leg and required assistance from medical personnel to be transported away on a stretcher.

After the football match, the sprinter who loves football posted on social media that they had experienced a severe injury.

The athlete who has won eight gold medals fell during the second half, just before Jermain Defoe scored a goal for England.

Bolt was later transported out of the field on a medical stretcher while showing his appreciation to the spectators present.

In a football match held at Stamford Bridge, England emerged victorious with a score of 6-3, earning them the Soccer Aid title after a six-year drought.

"I injured my Achilles but that doesn't mean I'm not a warrior." Bolt shared on social media while posting a picture of himself using crutches.

Defoe managed to score a goal slightly after an hour of play, and soon after, Tommy Wingrove retaliated by scoring a penalty.

However, the harm had already been inflicted as Bartlett managed to score a second goal, earning himself the title of player of the match. This helped England win 6-3, making them the Soccer Aid champions again after their last win in 2018.

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