Euro 2024 semifinal: Why is Trent Alexander-Arnold not starting in Netherlands vs England?

Trent Alexander-Arnold

England's player named Trent Alexander-Arnold. | Image Source: REUTERS

England's football player Trent Alexander-Arnold. | Photo by REUTERS

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold is not starting in the Euro 2024 semifinal match between the Netherlands and England at BVB Stadion Dortmund.

The Liverpool footballer, who has regularly played in the middle of the field for Gareth Southgate's team, partnered with Declan Rice in the opening game against Serbia.

Yet, the 25-year-old is not in the starting lineup for this important elimination match.

Watch the game live: Netherlands versus England live score updates in the Euro 2024 semifinal.

He hasn't played in any of the games for England in the current European Championship. Southgate has decided to use a different strategy for the team and left out the attacking full-back.

As per UEFA regulations, a player will be disqualified if they receive two yellow cards.

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Below are the guidelines for receiving a yellow or red card during the knockout stages of Euro 2024 explained.

Warning Card: During Euro 2024, if a player receives two warning cards, they will be banned from playing in a game. The player will also face a suspension if they receive four warning cards.

Just a heads up, all yellow cards received by players will be cleared at the end of the quarterfinals. This means that no player will have to worry about accumulating enough yellow cards to be suspended for the semifinals.

If a team reaches the semifinals, any yellow cards received in the quarterfinals are no longer counted. However, if a player receives a red card and is given a suspension of two or more games, they will miss the final match.

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