Tips on travelling around London during Tube and train strikes

Train strikes

This would also happen at the same time as a workforce protest by London Underground employees on April 8th, which will be followed by another on May 4th.

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Finn Brennan, an Aslef spokesperson, shared that Tube train drivers under Aslef would be participating in strikes in April and May. This has been an ongoing issue regarding London Underground's lack of assurance that changes to the train drivers' job terms and conditions will not be forced without discussion and that all established agreements will be upheld.

Railway employees will not be working overtime during these dates, which could potentially cause additional delays on specific routes.

Since 2022, there have been recurring strikes in railway networks and subways, as the Aslef and RMT union members demand better pay and working circumstances.

Although those who travel to London regularly like commuters, students, residents, and tourists may have adjusted to experiencing travel interruptions, it doesn't imply that they find it effortless.

As the upcoming strike is approaching, here are some important details on how to navigate around the city with minimal interruptions.

Navigating London's Strikes: Tips For Getting Around

Different train and underground services won't all be affected at the same time, so the initial thing to do is to verify your route and search for other available lines.

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As per the most recent announcement from National Rail, there will be some train routes affected on specific days.

Additionally, TfL has verified that there will be industrial action taking place on the London Underground during this time:

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was present at Westminster Underground Station.

There won't be any strikes occurring this month on bus routes in the city. Therefore, riding the bus might be one of your best options for transportation while train strikes are happening.

London's strong network of buses links every part of the city, with many routes running at regular intervals.

As per TfL, in central London, a Santander Cycle rental spot is always positioned within a distance of 600 meters away from you. This indicates that spotting a bike should not pose much difficulty to you.

Numerous electric scooters are being tested for rent in the city, which can aid in your commute to work. Nevertheless, it's important to be careful and prioritize safety when utilizing rented electric transportation.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that utilizing e-scooters that are owned by individuals is against the law.

It's amazing how nearby some stations of the London Underground are, it may be faster to go on foot rather than waiting for the tube at times.

MyLondon compiled a roster of 50 London tube rides that can be swifter when travelled on foot. They highlighted some illustrations, including a 12-minute stroll from Shoreditch High Street to Old Street and an 11-minute walk from Covent Garden to Temple.

Although not the most economical or eco-conscious option, ridesharing services and traditional black taxis are always readily available throughout the city.

A lot of people still think that Uber is the top choice for getting around, however, there are other competitors like Ola and Bolt that can also provide transportation services. Since these apps might also be quite popular, it's worth looking into some alternative options.

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