Wimbledon 2024 LIVE! Alcaraz vs Paul latest score and updates

Tommy Paul

Carlos Alcaraz is working hard to keep his Wimbledon title dream alive as he faces Tommy Paul in a match today. The young Spanish player has faced tough challenges in reaching the quarter-finals, losing sets to both Ugo Humbert and Frances Tiafoe in earlier matches. His upcoming match against the 12th seed will be another important test for him.

Even though he was a high seed, this is the first time American Paul has made it to the quarterfinals of a major tournament. He easily defeated veteran Roberto Bautista Agut in the previous round, but had a tougher time against unknown player Finn Otto Virtanen in the second round, going to five sets.

The second match on Court One will be played indoors due to the rainy weather at SW19. Stay tuned for ongoing updates on the Alcaraz vs Paul match on our live tennis blog from south-west London, courtesy of Standard Sport!

Updates on the Carlos Alcaraz vs Tommy Paul match.

Alcaraz Wins In Four Sets

Paul's failed attempt allows Alcaraz to take a 30-0 lead, and he quickly secures three match points when the score reaches 40-0.

The Spaniard missed his first serve, but then Paul hit the ball too far. With that, the defending champion has secured a spot in the semi-finals, where he will face Daniil Medvedev.

Paul gave him a strong push, but the American is eliminated.

Alcaraz Beats Paul In Four Sets

Alcaraz hits the ball just past the line, giving Paul a 30-0 lead.

Alcaraz ties the score to 30-30, but Paul's powerful forehand keeps him in the match and secures his hold of serve at Wimbledon.

Alcaraz Beats Paul In Four Sets

Alcaraz is dominating the match, leading 30-0 and hitting a powerful winner down the line. Paul is nowhere close to reaching the ball and it seems like another game has slipped out of his reach as Alcaraz takes a commanding 40-0 lead.

Alcaraz Defeats Paul In Four Sets

In a powerful shot, Alcaraz hit a winner across the court, stopping Paul from easily winning his service game. This brought the score to 30-15, and then to 30-30.

Then, at around 30-40, the Spanish player successfully passes the ball beyond the well-positioned Paul. This could be a turning point in the game!

Paul made an incredible save by hitting back Alcaraz's shot, but he was unable to hold on and lost the point after an impressive winner from Alcaraz. The break happened once again.

Alcaraz Defeats Paul In Four Sets

Alcaraz begins his service game by serving an ace, showing his intention to continue strong throughout the match.

Paul hit an amazing shot that almost took him into the stands. Even though he was far off from the court, Alcaraz still managed to take a 40-15 lead.

Alcaraz finishes the game with a strong serve and confidently raises his hands to his ears, challenging the crowd with a question: "What do you think about that?" The crowd's response was positive and enthusiastic.

Alcaraz Defeats Paul In Tense Match

Paul made a strong backhand shot that went out of bounds, giving him a 0-30 lead. However, the American player clenched his fists in excitement as he saw that Alcaraz's return was too long.

At a score of 15-40, Paul moves towards the net and manages to pull off an excellent drop shot. It seems like he is really struggling to stay in the game.

However, all efforts are for nothing as Alcaraz manages to break once again...

Alcaraz Beats Paul In 4 Sets

Paul hit the ball with too much rotation on his forehand, resulting in Alcaraz leading 40-0 on his serve.

And the victor is simply excellent from Alcaraz. A very satisfying service hold.

Alcaraz Beats Paul In Tight Match

We are now at deuce in Paul's service game after he hits a long shot. However, he has the advantage because Alcaraz also made a mistake with his return.

Alcaraz Beats Paul In Three Sets

Paul missed a shot, giving Alcaraz a 15-0 lead. Alcaraz then played a very nice drop shot, earning himself a 30-0 advantage. It seems like Alcaraz is really getting into his rhythm now.

At a score of 40-0, Alcaraz easily won the third set with a rare ace.

Alcaraz Beats Paul 5-7, 6-4, 5-2

Paul made Alcaraz run all around the court, but then he gently tapped the ball over the net to score 30-15. However, he made a wild swing at the ball, causing it to land outside the court, resulting in a score of 30-30. Eventually, the score reached 30-40, giving Alcaraz a break point.

Amazing victory for Alcaraz. He showed incredible bravery by securing a double break in the third set.

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