Tom Heaton praises England set-up on return as a training goalkeeper

Tom Heaton

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Tom Heaton experienced England's worst performance during his time with the Euro 2016 team, but he is now very impressed with Gareth Southgate's change in the team culture since returning as a training goalkeeper.

On Monday, people were surprised when the Football Association declared that the 38-year-old will be joining the training group of the national team in Germany.

Heaton earned three caps in 2017 and was the third-choice keeper for Manchester United last season. However, Southgate thinks that Heaton's experience and perspective will enhance England's team.

The goalkeeper has worked with him many times before, even traveling to the 2019 Nations League finals, and has been amazed by his progress since Euro 2016.

"I was around before Gareth became the England manager and I also spent a good amount of time during his early years. Therefore, I have witnessed his journey all the way through," expressed Heaton.

"He has completely transformed the culture. In fact, I believe he has revolutionized the entire perspective and vibe of our country, including journalists like yourselves."

"He somehow united everyone and that is how things have transformed."

In my opinion, the boys have been granted some degree of independence to showcase their abilities.

Joining and participating in another important tournament is a source of pride and advantage.

In my opinion, it's clear that we've observed this trend over the past few years. We have come very close to success on several occasions and the England team has shown some truly impressive performances. There is currently a positive and uplifting atmosphere within the team.

Naturally, there are high hopes for our team because we have talented players. It's important to accept these expectations and I believe our team is currently demonstrating that attitude.

Our team is filled with amazing athletes who are all eager to wear the jersey and, without a doubt, we will make every effort to achieve our goals.

Upon their arrival in Germany, England is considered as one of the top contenders to clinch the Euro 2024 championship due to their victorious performances in previous tournaments and the presence of several notable players in their team.

Heaton believes his team has what it takes to win the trophy in Berlin on July 14th. He also thinks that the team's mentality has improved since he last attended the Euros eight years ago.

This was the only other significant tournament involvement for the seasoned player, and it concluded with an unexpected loss to Iceland during the 2016 Euro knockout stage.

"I had a conversation with some of my colleagues this morning regarding that camp. It was quite a good experience until it suddenly turned unpleasant," he expressed.

It's clear that the results are a crucial topic of discussion, as they determine the success or failure.

As we entered 2016, we had a positive outlook. However, what stands out is the fact that we now have proof of impressive displays and successful outcomes in major competitions.

There has been a noticeable increase in enthusiasm lately. There has been a change in the way things are done - the guys have fully embraced it.

In my opinion, we are currently closer to achieving success than before and there are concrete facts to support this claim. As a result, our level of confidence has increased.

"I do believe that there are distinctions. As we all know, at the highest level of sports, the differences are minor. However, I believe we are rapidly approaching those subtle dissimilarities."

Heaton commends the group of goalkeepers consisting Jordan Pickford, Dean Henderson, and Aaron Ramsdale, pledging his assistance as a training goalkeeper to the three and England’s non-goalkeeper players.

He expressed that it was an extraordinary feeling. He recounted how Gareth called him a few weeks back and proposed an idea to him, which he readily accepted.

"It's a great honor and a privilege for me to participate in this major championship. I am extremely happy to be present here."

Heaton had a big smile on his face after the initial practice session of England's team in Germany.

His contract with United will expire this summer but he has no plans to retire from goalkeeping.

Heaton stated that he does not agree with the idea. He believes that it's all about how he feels. He is confident that he is doing great and feels excellent.

I took a few weeks off and was pretty inactive, but now I'm back in the loop and catching up today.

To be honest, I actually enjoyed it. It was awesome to be back in action again. However, I did not think about it much. As long as I feel good, I will have a strong desire to do more.

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