Ben Affleck, J.Lo, Tom Brady and Matt Damon steal the halftime Super Bowl adverts - as Arnold...

Tom Brady

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez team up for Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial where Affleck unexpectedly bursts into a musical performance, which doesn't go over too well with JLo.

The scene begins with J.Lo working on her song in her studio, when unexpectedly Affleck enters accompanied by his group of friends.

"Get ready for the Boston massacre!" he exclaims. Joining him are Tom Brady playing the keyboard while Matt Damon does the vocals.

The team, fittingly called 'The Dunkers,' make every effort to get featured on J.Lo's album but unfortunately, they fail to impress her. While the others leave feeling disheartened, she invites Brady to stay back and work with her.

"Relax. They're giving a drink our name," Affleck reassures Damon as they walk away, still feeling the disappointment.

Every year, the Super Bowl attracts millions of viewers and companies want to be noticed. They spend nearly $7 million for just 30 seconds of advertising time during the game, hoping to take advantage of the excitement.

In addition, there are some noteworthy personalities who have made appearances. For instance, Beyoncé takes off on a rocket ship into the vastness of the outer space in a Verizon commercial. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger finds it difficult to pronounce State Farm's slogan, and luckily, Danny DeVito comes to the rescue.

Check out the highlights of the year below.

Affleck plays with a group of musicians fittingly called 'The DunKings'.

The Super Bowl ad of the donut franchise featured some famous names such as Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, and Matt Damon who unexpectedly interrupted Jennifer Lopez's recording session.

'Howdy, Bronx?' Affleck yells as he steps inside the recording space, wearing a flashy jacket.

He executes embarrassing steps while his spouse stares in amazement. Ultimately, she murmurs, 'We had a conversation about this,' and Affleck appears dejected.

Lopez informs Brady, who is operating the keyboard, that he has the option to remain behind as he and Damon depart.

Affleck has formed a close association with the company and was observed distributing meals at two different sites in Massachusetts as a component of a distinct marketing initiative.

When finding out her latest music release had caused a commotion on the Internet, Beyoncé was dared to exceed the velocity of Verizon's 5G connection.

The advertisement poses the question, 'Can Beyoncé disrupt Verizon?' despite her previous internet-breaking capabilities.

Beyoncé decided to launch a lemonade stand, which was a tribute to her 2016 music album that bears that same title. The simple venture attracted hordes of individuals, but surprisingly, the successful performer was informed that she was nowhere near the top of her game.

Following many previous efforts, the advertisement concludes with her launching into space in a spacecraft, striving to become the initial female to execute in outer space - but unfortunately, she falls short once more.

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up in a State Farm commercial that emulates an action flick. This is a reunion for the two actors who previously acted together in two movies - the 1988 hit 'Twins' and the 1994 comedy 'Junior.'

The recurring joke is that Schwarzenegger is having difficulty pronouncing the insurance firm's slogan.

The producer corrected the former California governor after he heard him say 'neighba?' and informed him that the correct pronunciation was 'neighbor'.

"That is precisely what I expressed. My fellow individual," Schwarzenegger deadpans.

He keeps attempting repeatedly, but eventually, DeVito arrives and stops him from doing it wrong, thus rescuing the situation.

"Get Refreshed With STōK Cold Brew"

Wrexham A.F.C. has appeared in an advertisement for STōK Cold Brew Coffee, which also includes the famous Welsh actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins.

After psyching himself up with some motivational words, Hopkins puts on a Wrex the Dragon outfit, which is the sports team's representative.

"I'm ready to make some noise!" Hopkins exclaims as he puts on a massive head of a red dragon and dashes across the ground, prompting thunderous applause from the audience.

Sitting idly in the changing room after his display, Hopkins comments: 'Interestingly, it's the chilled coffee that creates the powerful mythical creature that spits flames,' prior to enjoying a rejuvenating gulp of the drink.

It has come to light that the beverage is the official sponsor of the team.

For their Super Bowl commercial, Squarespace enlisted the help of famous director Martin Scorsese and his offspring Francesca.

The advertisement emphasizes the significant age difference of 57 years between the famous director and his daughter. In the ad, the director informs his daughter that he intends to create a concise film about a website, lasting only around 30 seconds.

Francesca is motivated to instruct her father on the workings of websites, and begins with the basics of domains, culminating in the utilization of a platform for website creation.

The person making the movie didn't like the fonts Francesca picked at first, but after they found one that he liked, they agreed on it.

"Isn't this website amazing, young one?" Scorsese jokes, causing his daughter to feel ashamed.

She expresses her profound remorse for ever teaching you that.

Cardi B is the leading lady of a two-part advertisement campaign for NYX Cosmetics. The main focus of the ad is the new Duck Plump lip-gloss, which claims to enhance lip size with the use of ginger extract.

"That seems shady," the rapper comments, referencing her famous internet sensation. "That's strange."

The commercial's 'Big Game Version' shows Bardi utilizing the item and performing a tempting dance while urging viewers to experience the remarkable plumping capabilities.

She is surrounded by performers dressed in duck outfits.

Patrick Stewart is ascending a 'peak of amusement' along with various other figures from Paramount.

The streaming service Paramount Plus has enlisted the talented British actor Sir Patrick Stewart for its advertisement during the Super Bowl event. In the commercial, he shares the screen with a diverse group of characters from various shows and movies in the network's lineup.

Stewart, along with Tua Tagovailoa and Drew Barrymore, is going on a journey up 'Paramount Mountain.' While climbing, the quarterback made a joke, saying, 'If this was a football, I could effortlessly make it to the peak.'

"Have you ever thought of having a head shaped like a football?" enquired Stewart as he shifted his gaze towards the protagonist of the popular cartoon show, 'Hey Arnold!'

A discussion about the ethics of tossing a kid arises until Stewart exposes that he's dressed in a football attire. He throws Arnold into the sky but the animated figure falls and hits the mountain with his face.

The streaming platform assures viewers that there will be an abundance of entertainment options available to them.

The BMW commercial 'Talkin like Walken' features Christopher Walken in the lead role. He portrays himself in the ad where he interacts with a bunch of other famous personalities who attempt to imitate his style.

The individual from Queens becomes more and more irritated when barbers, waiters, and drive-thru employees try to imitate his unique accent from New York.

Usher is a well-known personality who will be performing during the halftime of this year's event.

"Do you have somewhere to go?" Walken inquires, acknowledging his significant event.

The advertisement ends with the catchphrase: 'Christopher Walken is unique. And so is the top-notch vehicle.'

The main character of this commercial is Tina Fey, who decides to recruit a group of individuals to act as her stand-ins while she explores various travel options available on the website.

Jane Krakowski and Glenn Close have taken over the responsibility of horse riding and shopping for her on Rodeo Drive.

The message is emphasized at the end saying that you have the freedom to book anyone you desire from a vast selection of options.

The advertisement for Bud Light features a mystical being called the 'Bud Light Genie' who has the ability to grant wishes for individuals who desire to become 'wealthy beyond measure' or spend an unforgettable evening with their beloved celebrities.

The party scenes showcase the presence of the NFL icon Peyton Manning and the famous rapper Post Malone.

The amusing commercial is the beer producer's effort to regain popularity and profits following a catastrophic marketing initiative from the prior year featuring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The traditional consumers of Bud Light believed that the brand was neglecting them when it collaborated with Mulvaney. This led to a significant number of conservatives choosing to boycott the product.

Anheuser-Busch spent around $14 million on a 60-second slot to promote Budweiser this year. This effort was aimed at recovering sales that were lost due to last year's unfortunate incident.

The advertisement starts with a fast group of running animals and strong letters in white that state: 'The Clydesdales have returned.'

The ad focuses heavily on the cherished horses as it tells the story of a snowstorm that poses a threat to a shipment heading to a local bar in a small town.

A Labrador Retriever aided Budweiser in delivering their goods by directing the horses, much to the town's joy.

Two elderly ladies pursue a vehicle that is being driven by Danny Ramirez, an actor from 'Top Gun: Maverick', after he takes the final pack of Doritos from a store's display.

They chase after him with their motorized scooters, then use a zipline to descend and knock him down, all in an effort to reclaim the chips.

When they thought they had all the chips to themselves, Jenny Ortega from Wednesday's team appeared and asked them politely if she could have the bag.

Dove recently released an advertisement that aims to capture the attention of young female viewers of the Super Bowl, who are expected to increase due to Taylor Swift's involvement.

The advertisement starts by playing 'It's the Hard Knock Life' while showcasing video snippets of girls encountering accidents while participating in various sports activities.

Next, a youthful female can be observed inspecting her reflection in the mirror to emphasize the point: having an unfavorable opinion of one's body can cause young women to give up athletic activities, rather than minor setbacks.

Dove initiated a campaign focused on body positivity back in 2004 that strives to boost the self-esteem of women and children.

DoorDash has decided to do something unique for its Super Bowl commercial by hosting a contest.

One lucky person has the opportunity to receive all the products promoted by different brands during the broadcast, such as the BMW, Doritos, and even Mayonnaise.

The viewers are being prompted to visit to enter for a possibility to win big at the most important football event. Additionally, they can use the promo code on the day of the event to increase their chances of winning.

A recent development on Etsy called 'gift mode' is being utilized by Americans to decide on what gifts to send to their French counterparts. This feature has been popular among users as it enables them to select various gift options in a hassle-free manner.

Etsy, an internet marketplace, is promoting its latest feature called 'gift mode'. This feature is designed to assist customers in discovering the perfect present for their acquaintances and family members.

The advertisement involves Americans brainstorming ideas for expressing gratitude to France, acknowledging their gift of the Statue of Liberty.

They use Etsy for guidance and finally decide on a sizable cheese platter, which is happily received.

Google's objective was to elicit emotional responses from audiences through their advertisement featuring a visually impaired individual utilizing the innovative 'Guided Frame'.

The Guided Frame feature is a latest addition that leverages sounds, animations and vibrations to assist individuals in clicking photographs and preserving precious memories of their lives.

In the advertisement, we see director Adam Morse who is visually impaired getting assistance in clicking pictures of his dog and dinner and taking self-portraits.

The statement suggests that we should document our lives, regardless of how we live them, with the intention of showcasing the experiences of individuals with various disabilities.

Kate McKinnon uncovers a surprising revelation in the latest Hellmann's commercial - her feline companion can communicate through language.

Although it has the ability to vocalize, the extent of its vocabulary is limited to one single word - "May-ow".

The cat named 'may-ow' instantly made her famous and led to a craze of buying mayonnaise. The celebrity from Saturday Night Live then went on to have a romantic relationship with Pete Davison, but eventually ended it.

McKinnon has had experience working with cats before, and this ad is not her first rodeo.

In the month of December, she made an appearance as a cast member in a funny sketch with Billie Eilish on SNL. The two actresses acted as elderly women who were looking for a home for their cats.

The renowned soccer player, Lionel Messi, showcased his soccer abilities and emphasized his loyalty to Michelob Ultra in his debut appearance in a Super Bowl advertisement.

The advertisement features Messi strolling into a seaside bar, followed by a game of soccer on the sandy shore.

He receives help from famous NFL player Dan Marino and also receives recognition from actor and comedian Jason Sudeikis.

In this advertisement, Aubrey Plaza tries out the tagline "having a blast" for the drink brand.

Plaza, known for her monotone way of speaking, reveals that consuming a Mountain Dew can bring energy to any circumstance.

She attends a gathering at a swimming pool, demonstrates her dancing skills at a nightclub, and even takes a ride on a mythical creature, a dragon, alongside her colleague from 'Parks and Recreation', Nick Offerman.

M&Ms recently aired a flashy commercial featuring celebrities, showcasing their latest prize – a ring that will be awarded to the second-place team at the Super Bowl.

Assisted by former star athletes Dan Marino, Terrell Owens, and Bruce Smith, the candy makers claim to have revolutionized peanut butter M&Ms into precious gems.

Even Scarlett Johansson makes an appearance as a guest.

The advertisement for Oreo envisions individuals throughout different eras utilizing an Oreo cookie to resolve challenging predicaments.

People rotate the Oreo cookie and determine their course of action based on the placement of the frosting - either on the right or left side. It's similar to flipping a coin to make a decision.

Kris Jenner employed a method in the beginning of the 21st century to determine whether her family should star in a fresh unscripted TV series.

Stand-up comic Ken Jeong, who was previously cryogenically frozen, awakens to sample the most exceptional chicken wing in the world.

Popular fast food restaurant Popeyes spent money on a one-minute advertisement that showcased actor and comedian Ken Jeong.

The commercial depicts Jeong as being cryonically preserved for 52 long years just to witness the creation of the perfect chicken wing.

Once he opens his eyes, he comes across a Popeyes chicken wing, alongside autonomous vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and relaxation chairs.

A worker at a petrol station observes that Chris Pratt sporting a moustache bears a resemblance to the mascot of Pringles chips.

She posts a picture of him on the internet and he becomes popular quickly.

The advertisement poses a question - what occurs when Chris Pratt cultivates a mustache and emerges as strikingly similar to Mr. P? The ad observes that once this resemblance is perceived by the world, it can't be undone.

Pepsi-Co's recently released beverage called Starry will be showcased during the Super Bowl through an advertisement where Ice Spice deals with the aftermath of ending a relationship.

The trending sensation of rap enjoys beverages in the company of lively cartoon lemon and lime personalities at a local establishment.

"This Starry is really good!" she exclaims before they both give her a peck on the cheek.

Out of the blue, the rapper encounters her former lover, who is unable to accept her rejection and explodes in a burst of fizzy carbonation.

The slogan reads: 'The moment has arrived to try different carbonated beverages.'

Zach Braff and Donald Faison say hello to Jason Momoa in their community.

Jason Momoa exhibited his vocal abilities in a commercial for T-Mobile by joining forces with Zach Braff and Donald Faison from the television series 'Scrubs.'

Braff and Faison greet the fellow performer in their locality with a musical presentation.

The person who played the lead role in 'Aquaman' showcased his singing talent, did a somersault, got drenched with water, and coincidentally met Jennifer Beals, the actress from 'Flashdance' movie who made a surprise appearance.

One of the most star-studded Super Bowl commercials of the year starred famous celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and David and Victoria Beckham portraying their real-life personas for Uber Eats.

The commercial suggests that in order to recall what you've ordered from Uber Eats, you need to let go of some other information and create a bit of space in your mind.

Jennifer Aniston can't recall David Schwimmer's identity, and Victoria Beckham can't remember the name of the Spice Girls.

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