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ffering pet owners the chance to use pet strollers to tour around town. Worley believes this initiative is a great way for pet owners to experience the outdoors and avoid leaving their pets behind.

Find out about the top places to stay in Comporta for a chilled-out summer vacation. The coastal town is located an hour away from Lisbon. It's a popular spot for Philippe Starck and Madonna. They love Comporta's beachy vibe. The Alentejo coast is where you'll find this gem.

but Air Canada will now have two new flights from Saint John this summer. One goes to Toronto and the other to Montreal. The Montreal flight comes back every day starting June 18 and doubles the amount of flights from Saint John to Montreal. The Toronto flight is also daily, starting July 1, and adds to the already existing two flights to that city. The Saint John Airport had fewer flights before, but now locals have more options to travel."

Starting from Friday, travel agencies from China will be able to organise group tours for Taiwan residents to visit the mainland. The announcement came from Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesperson from China's Taiwan Affairs Office. The government of Taiwan welcomed the decision and stressed the importance of communication between both parties to guarantee the quality of tourism. Finally, the Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council called on Beijing to lift the ban that prevents Chinese tourists from visiting the island.

ell as test and learn from guest feedback before we ultimately decide what’s next for immersive storytelling at Disney," said the president of Walt Disney World Resort. The hotel's last voyage will be on September 30th, giving fans just a few more months to experience the fantasy world of "Star Wars" like never before.

flights before heading to the airport. The airline also apologized for the disruptions and thanked passengers for their patience. WestJet had cancelled about 700 flights over the past week after negotiations with its pilots stalled. But on Friday, the pilots ratified a new agreement, putting an end to the labour dispute.

Have you ever shared a room with a stranger while on vacation? It's probably been a while. If you're a solo traveler tired of paying extra fees for a single room, here's some advice. Last July, I wanted to travel without overspending and booked a room with a stranger.

A man named Adnah Rogers built the house in 1840. The house is cozy and comfortable after being newly remodeled. It costs under $200 a night. You can find it on Airbnb for $175. People who live nearby really like Nauset Beach. It's not as crowded as other beaches in the area. You can easily get to central Orleans from the beach.

The southwest corner of Turkey is truly stunning. It has rocky peaks and lovely beaches that blend into the blue Mediterranean. People call it the Turkish Riviera. Antalya is the biggest city in the region. It has a big airport and gets a lot of sun - around 300 days each year.

he Mine Panorama is hidden in Thunder Bay. It's found north on East Loon Lake, 45 minutes away from the Terry Fox Lookout. Tourists come in the hundreds during the season which starts on June 1. The mine has been in the Lukinuk family for three generations - it was bought by Steve and Lorna Lukinuk in 1980. Their son, Tim, now runs the mine together with Lori. This is their 43rd season.

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