The Gathering ending explained: Who attacked Kelly?

The Gathering

The show revolves around Kelly, a highly skilled teen gymnast who gets assaulted at a forbidden beach party, and the identity of the attacker is left ambiguous as the series progresses.

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In the end, everything is revealed in the finale of the show. The person who attacked Kelly is finally revealed, and the viewers find out what happens to the rest of the main characters. How did the show build up to this conclusion, and who is to blame for Kelly's attack?

Keep reading to get all the information about the conclusion of the Channel 4 suspenseful series, The Gathering.


In the television series The Gathering, Eva Morgan plays the role of Kelly. The show was produced by World Productions and aired on Channel 4. James Stack was involved in the production as well.

As it was revealed, Kelly was assaulted by Josh, who happens to be Adam's half-sibling. He was going through a tough time trying to find himself a partner, and that led him towards turning hostile towards women. Jessica was a primary target for him as he had access to explicit videos of her, which she shared with Adam. This relates to the incel subculture, which is known for its anti-women beliefs.

The person responsible for drugging Jessica's drink is unknown. However, there are suspicions that he had the intention of sexually assaulting her, despite his denial of such accusations. Jessica's memory of the incident was not clear.

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Jessica came to the realization when she was at the illegal party and a guy approached her, insulted her by using a derogatory term, and boasted about drugging girls along with his buddies.

He attacked her with such force that she fell to the ground. However, Kelly was able to witness the incident and screamed for him to cease his aggression. Upon realizing he had an audience, he moved quickly towards Kelly and violently plunged her into the water. He forcibly kept her submerged for a considerable length of time.

She managed to pull through, but had to undergo a procedure to take out her spleen, which resulted in her being unable to take part in the gymnastics team until she recuperated.

Adam went to see Kelly at the hospital and disclosed to her that it was Josh who did something wrong. Adam confronted Josh about it, and Josh became emotional and explained the reason behind his actions while also showing some anger. Even though Josh's parents already knew the truth, Adam was warned that if he reported the incident to the police, he and his other half-brother Kyran would end up homeless.

However, he visited the authorities and provided testimony, which suggests that Josh would probably face punishment for his offenses.

Where Is Paul Now?

In The Gathering, Kelly is played by Eva Morgan and Paul is played by Warren Brown. The show is produced by World Productions and aired on Channel 4. James Stack is responsible for the photography.

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At first it appeared that Josh might escape punishment for attacking Jules, but Jules stumbled upon a recording of the incident on Charlie's mobile device. Charlie admitted to withholding the evidence because he believed he deserved to be harmed due to his own verbal mistreatment of Paul and Kelly.

Jules handed the video to the authorities as proof, indicating that Paul would be incarcerated for attacking someone. He disclosed to Kelly, who was devastated, that he deceived her, and that he truly initiated the altercation.

Paul was incarcerated even though Adam had reassured Kelly that Paul's time behind bars would pass quickly which could imply that his sentence is short.

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Where Are Kelly, Jessica, Adam, Bazi, And Charlie Now?

Sadie Soverall played the role of Jessica in The Gathering, as seen in the picture by James Stack of Channel 4/World Productions.

Eventually, Jessica, Adam, and Charlie decided to reject their parents' expectations. Although Jessica made it onto the gymnastics team, she surprised Natalie, who was watching, when she abruptly stopped performing during a crucial routine and left the stage in a rebellious manner.

In the meantime, Charlie departed from his home with a knapsack, unsure about his future, but certain that it didn't involve his dad Jules.

Bazi successfully rescued his sister from the abductors and they both rode away under the cover of darkness.

At last, Adam had to leave his home because Louis and Dawn kicked him out. Luckily, Kelly, Tate and their canine pal took him in. In a previous episode, the police had taken the dog away but now it was back with its owners.

The event named "The Gathering" begins on the 14th of May at 9pm, airing on Channel 4, while the whole series can be accessed for streaming at this moment.

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