The Devil Wears Prada sequel could be based on this book

The Devil Wears Prada sequel

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Almost twenty years after the iconic 2006 movie, there are talks of a follow-up to The Devil Wears Prada being produced by Disney. It seems like the infamous fashion antagonist Miranda Priestly will be making a comeback, suggesting there's more to come.

Busy assistant Emily (portrayed by Emily Blunt), writer Aline Brosh McKenna, and director David Frankel are currently discussing their return for the sequel. There is uncertainty regarding the potential return of Anne Hathaway as Andy or Stanley Tucci as Nigel.

Adapted from the popular novel by Lauren Weisberger, the film follows Andrea as she lands a job as a personal aide to a top-notch editor in the fashion industry of New York City. However, her responsibilities quickly become overwhelming as she tries to meet her boss's extravagant requests and hectic schedule.

Weisberger used to work as a personal assistant for Anna Wintour, the editor of US Vogue. Many people think that Wintour was the motivation behind the character of Miranda in Weisberger's book, but Wintour has said she does not remember Weisberger working for her.

Although information about the highly anticipated sequel is limited, it is believed that the upcoming film may draw inspiration from Weisberger's 2013 follow-up. Whether you're looking for information on the storyline or interested in purchasing the book, this article has all the details you need to know about Revenge Wears Prada.

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Taking place ten years after the first book, Andy is now 30 and thriving as an editor at a bridal fashion magazine. She co-founded the magazine with Emily Charlton, her past rival turned close friend.

Andy, who is about to get married, start a family, and is doing really well in her career, is still dealing with her old boss from Runway magazine, Miranda Priestly. She's been trying to stay away from Miranda, but their paths cross again when Runway's parent company wants to buy Andy's magazine, The Plunge. This time, Miranda is the one trying to convince Andy and Emily to sell the magazine, a change from their previous dynamic.

The storyline of the sequel movie is still a secret, but early reports indicate that the focus will be on Miranda as she tries to adapt to changes in the traditional print publishing industry. Instead of sticking to the original book, it seems that Emily is now a successful executive in a luxury company in the sequel, and Miranda is looking to her for advertising funds. While there may be some similarities to Revenge Wears Prada, it appears that the plot of the movie sequel will take a different direction. We are excited to see what happens and are hoping that the production process will move along quickly.

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