"Tesco reduces Clubcard reward vouchers yet again, in the midst of the cost of living crisis, disappointing customers."

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Customers have criticized Tesco for reducing the worth of its Clubcard reward coupons amidst the difficult financial situation that many households are currently experiencing.

The grocery store has announced that it will be decreasing the worth of the vouchers used at its Reward Partners for the second occasion in five years.

The program offers a great benefit for numerous households who are able to save a substantial amount of money on their day trips expenses.

During a period where multiple households are facing difficulties in handling their usual expenses, many customers are infuriated as Tesco has once more reduced the worth of their vouchers.

When a patron accumulates 500 Clubcard points, they can typically redeem them for a £5 in-store credit. However, if customers opt to swap their points for vouchers to use with Rewards Partners, the value triples.

After @Tesco's reduction in clubcard rewards, I have decided to switch to Aldi. It is a more sensible decision to keep actual money rather than spend £8 on a glass of wine at a pizza place and feeling like I'm getting a good deal, isn't it?

Starting from June 14, shoppers can only receive double points when using the codes to redeem them. This gives them less than three months to take full advantage of this offer.

There are numerous retailers, experiences and other amenities that are involved in this program, such as Legoland, Disney+, Alton Towers, Hotels.com, Cineworld and Pizza Express.

Tesco claims that the decision they have made would assist them in sustaining their vast collection of Clubcard incentives. However, their customers remain unconvinced and dissatisfied with their move.

Initially, shoppers could enhance their voucher value by 4 times thanks to the Reward Partners program. However, this benefit was lowered to 3 times the value in 2018.

One irritated customer expressed, "Well, it appears that we must shell out more money at Tesco for our groceries, while receiving fewer incentives. Thank you for nothing, @Tesco."

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A different user commented on Twitter regarding the reduction in value of Tesco Clubcard vouchers. They pointed out that it has decreased from 4x to 3x and now 2x, making their loyalty scheme less beneficial. They also stated that this feels insulting to customers while Tesco continues to make high profits. This behavior is deemed as unacceptable and appalling. They even used a hashtag #howlonguntil1x to express their frustration.

Another person commented that they were extremely thankful for the Clubcard X4 program when their children were younger. It was tremendously helpful during family outings, as they were able to utilize their vouchers to offset the cost of Merlin passes, resulting in significant savings.

"We currently utilize X3 product for our personal use, and it works well. However, it is quite displeasing to customers that #X2 product is of low quality and does not meet their expectations."

Tesco announced to its shoppers through email and website notification that starting on June 14, 2023, the value of the Tesco Clubcard Reward Partner code will double whenever a customer redeems their Clubcard vouchers.

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Tesco is planning to decrease their clubcard rewards by 33% under the premise of 'keeping prices low'. It seems ironic because they have previously transferred the majority of the cost increases to their customers. Furthermore, Tesco made a profit of £2.6 billion the previous year, therefore, it appears that they do not share the burden.

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The offer will remain to give you triple the worth of your purchases until June 13, 2023. We are altering the program to ensure we can sustain a diverse selection of incentives that cater to all Tesco Clubcard participants, while still keeping costs reasonable for everyone.

The Tesco Clubcard remains the leader in Reward Partner programs, offering access to more than 100 Partners at twice the value of your Clubcard voucher.

Although Clubcard points remain valuable for up to two years, they usually expire within six months when utilized to obtain rewards vouchers.

Tesco is trying to lessen the impact by giving customers an extra six months to use their vouchers. This information comes from MoneySavingExpert.

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